The beloved Harry Potter film series has a lot going for it, but as this supercut proves, it could’ve done a bit better in the diversity department. Sure, there are characters of color in all of the eight Potter films, but when you break things down to how much time all of those characters combined get to actually speak, it adds up to a little more than six minutes out of more than 1,000 minutes of film — and most of that is taken up by Quidditch announcer Lee Jordan, Harry’s pal Dean Thomas, a weird shrunken head, and love interest Cho Chang.

Add in the fact that many of creator J.K. Rowling’s characters weren’t written to be from any specific racial background, and you’ve got a somewhat glaring imbalance. If you ask me, it just proves something I’ve been saying for years: Harry Potter could use a lot more Kingsley Shacklebolt.