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15 Everyday Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong

15 Everyday Things You’re Probably Doing Wrong:

Everyday tasks are simple, so we should all be doing them correctly, right? Wrong. There’s a handful of activities you probably do on a daily basis that could be done so much easier. Get ready to feel like you’ve wasted so much of your life.

You’re Chinese takeout container is supposed to be folded out and used as a plate.

You’re only supposed to use a little dot of toothpaste when brushing your teeth, and you’re not supposed to rinse afterwards.

The flap of toilet seat covers are supposed to go in the front to prevent any “misfires” on the floor.

Flange plungers are for your toilet and cup plungers are for your sink. You’ve probably been using the cup for both.

The tab on cans of soda are designed to hold your straw.

Greek yogurt containers are supposed to be folded in half to you can pour out the topping.

The hole in pot handles is to hold your spoon.

The sides of juice boxes are supposed to be pulled out so you can hold them without spilling.

Peanut butter is meant to be stored upside down so the oils distribute evenly throughout.

To prevent water from spilling over while boiling something, you’re supposed to place a wooden spoon over it. They pop the steam bubbles and absorb more heat than plastic ones.

You’re supposed to pull out ketchup cups to get your fries in easier.

If you hold the close door button down while on the elevator, it will take you straight to your floor without stopping.

When your computer says you’re out of ink, you’re supposed to use a paper clip to hit the reset button on the ink cartridge. It will give you a little extra ink in case you need to print something ASAP.

You’re supposed to use staple removers to open key rings, not angrily try to pry them open with your fingers.

The tabs on the side of aluminum foil boxes are supposed to be pushed in so the roll doesn’t come out.

Joseph Misulonas is an editorial assistant and resident young person for He can be reached by email at


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