Who hasn’t had to defend their level of sobriety at some point? Accusations fly and you have to indignantly explain, “I wasn’t (thaaaat) drunk!” However, most of us aren’t a famous singer-turned-reality-star-turned-actress-turned-fashion-designer. But Jessica Simpson is and people are pretty confident she was tanked on her recent Home Shopping Network appearance.

Although it sure seems to be the case to many, a source explained to TMZ that “giggling and slurring is just part of her personality that surfaces from time to time,” which, yes, if you’re wondering, is a perfect summary of being drunk.

Can we all start doing this if we hire reps? “No, no. He wasn’t drunk. It’s just that, from time to time, he can’t hold himself up or form a coherent sentence and then demands that we buy every Taco Bell in North America.”