Making a good beach cooking great really isn’t that tough. You want the food grilled well, the music sounding great and the beer served cold. The right gear makes it even easier to achieve those goals.

We’ve gathered some of the best products out there—from grills to growlers to games—to make sure your seaside party goes off without a hitch.

DrinkTanks Insulated Growler, $74
There are countless insulated growlers out there, but with DrinkTanks’ version there’s the added benefit of a cap accessory that turns the container into a mini keg. That way you can fill your growler with your favorite microbrew and know it’ll not only stay cool, but also optimally carbonated all day long.

CGear Sand-Free Quicksand Mat, $49
Maybe the worst part about the beach is finding sand everywhere even days later. An Australian company has tried to mitigate that nuisance with its brand of sand mats. Originally developed for the military to be able to land choppers in deserts and beaches, the mat allows sand that gets on top of it to pass through to the ground below, but not come back up to the top of the mat. Now they’re making commercial versions to take with you to the beach.
Weber Q 1200 Gas Grill, $219
Weber’s portable grill was built with travel in mind. This compact barbecue is made from cast aluminum, with porcelain-enameled cast iron grates. Fueled by propane and outfitted with an electronic ignition, this grill is super easy to fire up and control the heat. Also, when you’re not hauling it to the beach or the park, it makes a great grill if you have a small apartment balcony.
BBQ Tools Grill Set, $39.99
You’ve got the grill, now you need the right tools. This stainless steel set gives you everything you need—from a grill brush to tongs to skewers for your veggies—all packaged in a neat carrying case. As an added bonus, the spatula is also a bottle opener, so the cook will never go thirsty.
Igloo Trailmate Cooler, $249
This durable cooler can roll with you anywhere, with a solid construction and oversized wheels that let you navigate any terrain with ease. All the aluminum parts are made with marine-grade aluminum, so they won’t rust, but they’re still lightweight. There’s also a lockable box for dry storage, so you can keep your wallet or phone safe and dry.
Fugoo XL Sport Bluetooth Speaker, $229
There may be prettier portable Bluetooth speakers out there, but it’ll be harder for you to find one that performs better. The XL crushes the competition with 35 hours of battery life, shock resistance, water resistance and great sound. What also makes this a perfect beach speaker is that it’s sand-proof, so you know it’s going to hold up, even in the toughest conditions.
Pro Line Cornhole Set, $199
There are a lot of shabbily constructed cornhole boards out there. The ones from Pro Line are made with furniture grade solid wood and hardware, so they’re built to last. The collapsible legs make them the boards easier to transport in your car. And with Pro Line, they’ve licensed NHL, NFL, NCAA, Premier League and MLB teams, so you’ll be able to buy boards with your favorite teams emblazoned on them.