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Two Hot Ex-WWE Divas Hung Out In Their Bikinis, And There Are Some Amazing Pictures

Growing up, I was a HUGE wrestling fan. Like, I’m talking mattresses-in-the-basement type of fan where I’d have imaginary matches with myself for hours. I’m pretty sure I could have been diagnosed with something if a doctor had checked me out because I was really next-level obsessed. Lucky for me, my puberty years coincided with the WWE/WWF’s Attitude Era, which was chalk full of some of the most attractive female performers you could imagine. My personal favorite was always Torrie Wilson.

I don’t know what it was about Torrie, but she always stood out above any of the other Divas to me. That is, until Kelly Kelly came along. Suddenly, I had some competition for the title of Tyler’s Favorite Female Wrestling Superstar. Eventually, I lost my interest in the program and stopped watching. I haven’t heard the names Torrie Wilson or Kelly Kelly in quite some time, actually.

You could imagine my surprise and my excitement when some pictures of Torrie and Kelly hanging out together in their bikinis stumbled onto the Internet. It was a blast from the past, and I must say that both ladies still look fantastic as ever! Here’s to them hanging out in bikinis more often, and to them making a triumphant return back into my heart.

Romantic sunset…catching up with this babe 😍

A photo posted by Torrie Wilson (@torriewilson) on

#bottomsup 🍹🍹🍹🍹👯👯👯 #babes @torriewilson

A photo posted by Barbie Blank Souray (@thebarbieblank) on

Cabo sunsets with my girl @torriewilson #eldorado #missedher #lovecatchingup #justlikeoldtimes 👯🍹🎉🙌

A photo posted by Barbie Blank Souray (@thebarbieblank) on

#NoDaysOff #Fitness #Cabo #RunForestRun #StayFit #ElDorado

A photo posted by Torrie Wilson (@torriewilson) on

#paradise ☀️

A photo posted by Barbie Blank Souray (@thebarbieblank) on

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