It’s not often that you can plausibly put The Cure and Bob Dylan into the same sentence. But such is the case with the lyric video for The Black Kids’ “If My Heart Is Broken.” The track borrows a synth-and-drums-heavy sound from the ‘80s rockers, not to mention waily vocals that reference more than a little heartbreak and malaise. The video is, just as was Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues,” composed entirely of people holding up signs. In Bob Dylan’s case, it was Bob Dylan. In this case, Black Kids members Ali Youngblood and Dawn Watley. But these are minor differences.

The Jacksonville, Florida-born quartt had something of a struggle to follow up 2008’s debut Partie Traumatic, mainly due to not being able to find a great chorus. Frontman Reggie Youngblood compares their struggle to that of Homer’s The Odyssey. As one does.

“Much like Odysseus and Co., on our journey to make the ‘difficult second album,’ shit got rough,” Youngblood says. “A few of us heeded the siren call of ‘side projects.’ Tumultuous relationships and periods of Imposter Syndrome also impeded progress. Worst of all, I couldn’t write a chorus. And for a band that worships The Chorus, this was problematic.”

Their new album, Rookie, is the end of that journey. And, luckier still, they didn’t have to murder a bunch of suitors on returning home to their wives. Ok, so the Odysseus comparison isn’t perfect. “If My Heart Is Broken” kind of is, though.

Rookie is out September 15. “If My Heart Is Broken” goes on sale tomorrow. Buy the track and pre-order the album here.

Watch our exclusive premiere below.

The Black Kids west coast tour dates are as follows.

9/16 - Los Angeles, CA - Future Forward Fest
9/20 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios
9/22 - Seattle, WA - The Sunset
9/23 - Bend, OR - Volcanic Theatre
9/24 - San Francisco, CA - Folsom Street Fair
9/25 - Oakland, CA - New Parish
9/26 - Santa Ana, CA - Constellation Room
9/29 - San Diego, CA - Casbah