Every once in a while, a music video comes along that ticks two of the three boxes for successful filmed entertainment. Boy Epic’s “Trust” video is sexy and violent. The third piece of the trinity, by the way, is funny, and nobody in this video is cracking any jokes. The song is propulsive and the video is every bit the accompaniment the track deserves.

Though we know little about the Dallas, Texas native, we do know he’s one to watch. He tells us the video for “Trust” is personal for him.

“‘Trust’ is about my constant battle of self-worth,” Boy Epic says. “I’ve often fallen victim to my own insanity and writing about it lyrically/visually, seems to help. I think we as people these days don’t put a lot of trust into our personal relationships, nor in ourselves. Ultimately we lose out on great moments because we never really allow ourselves the chance to receive happiness. Even when it’s right in front of us. I find it quite lovely that my own personal hell can be turned into inspiration for others.”

The video follows Boy Epic’s previous releases, which are all just as sexy. ”Kanye’s in My Head“ sees Boy Epic waking up to a lingerie-clad young woman before literally wrapping himself in the American flag. His ”Dirty Mind“ video features nearly as much nudity as we do in our magazine. You’re going to want to spend some time with him.

We would tell you more, but what else do you need to know other than that there are guns, girls and a danceable beat? Watch below.