Summer is made for lounging by the pool, avoiding doing anything and falling in love. Naturally, all of those activities require the perfect soundtrack. Lily McQueen’s “Electric Love” is just the song for those moments. When you have nothing to do, or have convinced yourself that you ought not to be doing anything.

McQueen is Brooklyn born and raised, though she started her career in an all-women country band. After a successful EP released in 2015, McQueen will release debut album Electric Love soon on Concierge Records. The songs are little pop gems, all shimmering synths and plaintive emotions.

Though the song seems like a bit of fun, McQueen tells us that it has significant meaning.

“‘Electric Love’ is about the rollercoaster of emotions you go through when you feel that spark with someone new,” she says. “It’s magical, exciting and terrifying all at once.”

Listen to our exclusive premiere below.