The video for Showtime Goma’s “Propel” is divided into three distinct parts. In the first, Goma and touring partner Nancy Feast wander around a house pointing out its oddities. In the second, they mall hop and Goma gets an ear piercing. We seem to be watching a story of friendship, from old age to teenhood to young adulthood. But it’s the third part of the video, made on tour with help from Jojo Glidewell (Of Montreal), that’s the most interesting.

The pair get fresh dressed to play a house show that seems to have been airlifted out of the collective unconsciousness of everyone who lived in Los Angeles from 2011-2013. Which is to say, it’s pretty fun. Goma’s been touring with Teeny Lieberson (frontwoman of the Brooklyn sister act TEEN) under the dual billing Showtime Goma and Nancy Feast, and this video captures their live experience—a high-concept hybrid of music, dance and, practically unheard of in the world of indie shows, comedy.

The video is soundtracked by the dreamy “Propel,” the third single from Showtime Goma’s solo debut album Smiley Face, out June 16. The song more or less explicitly talks about the stop-start motion of time as we grow up.

Goma, who has also played with indie stalwarts The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and A Sunny Day in Glasgow, says the video is an attempt to encapsulate a friendship.

“I just wanted to make a story about how evolutions happen,” she tells us. “How relationships, friendships and community are things that inspire the effort needed to inhabit states of flux. There’s so much collaborative work that goes into growing and changing and it’s really an essential part of life/creative partnerships. And the way in which these characters grow isn’t necessarily for or toward the best! In a way I think they self actualize to the point of being grotesque with overgrowth. Which I’m into!”

Watch our exclusive premiere below.