Brooklyn-based indie-rock group Twin Wave just dropped the video for their single ‘Matador,’ the creation of young computational artists Aron Johnson and Ian Valentine. Their work has already been featured across a few media platforms, with Johnson being celebrated for his warped faces and Valentine for his brilliant way with animation and graphics.

The video is a a loose interpretation of matadors’ violent showmanship, and the spectacle of barbarity it represents. This stands at odds with the song’s poppy vocals and upbeat rhythym, more likely elicit some innoncent head-bobbing than the desire for theatrical bull-fighting. According to the group, the video is a surrealist reinterpretation of Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. Emphasis on surrealist.

In terms of influences, you could say Twin Wave is going for a fusion of MGMT-inspired electro-pop blended with some synth tips from the guys who did the Stranger Things soundtrack. Regardless, a song this catchy is likely to generate buzz quickly, so you’re welcome for this early heads-up.

Check out the video above or listen to the song on Spotify below.