I once told a yoga instructor babe that I had started running to justify my diet. I thought I came off more like, “Look at me, getting my life together!” But it sounded closer to, “Look at me, I don’t know how the human body works!” She explained how diet is responsible for, like, double or triple the impact of exercise, meaning that eating a whole pizza and then going on a one-mile run didn’t exactly work out in my favor. That’s also a bad example, since you would probably barf so gnarly, despite carbo-loading like a gluten fiend.

See, in my head, I thought—much like Parks and Recreation’s Andy Dwyer—that I could basically burn off whatever crap I ate. I just never did the math. I didn’t really want to. It was one of those cartoony approaches, where as long as I didn’t look down, I couldn’t fall. Well, AsapSCIENCE did up a quick video to remind everyone of the lesson it took me forever to learn: OH MY GOD, JUST EAT RIGHT.

Exercise should of course keep a solid place in everyone’s life, as it slows the aging process and keeps up mental health and clarity. It just shouldn’t be the only healthy aspect of a life. Food counts for what more than you think (or want to believe).