Many Fallout 4 players might argue that the game’s best feature is Dogmeat, the canine companion you can recruit to help you on your wasteland adventures. What’s better than being best friends with Dogmeat, however? Why, inhabiting his mind like some kind of abomination of nature, of course!

Modder Abbalovesyou created a mod for the Fallout 4 PC version that allows players to become Dogmeat. You still have many of your human faculties, like carrying on conversations with other humans, so the whole thing takes on a sort of Mr. Peabody & Sherman feeling. Or that movie where Tim Allen turns into a dog.

You play Fallout 4 regularly as Dogmeat, except you attack enemies by biting them rather than shooting them, you’re a dog who can have a pet dog, and you can still romance other characters. Luckily, Fallout 4 only implies when characters have sex, and doesn’t actually show it.

You can snag the Be the Dog mod from NexusMods.

Via VG247.