There are lots of reasons we love to read, watch, and play science fiction stories. Sometimes it’s to live a more exciting life for a few hundred pages. Other times it’s power fantasy (or, if you read some of Heinlein’s later stuff, it’s a sexual fantasy). A lot the time, though, it’s simply a matter of escape.

It’s a vacation to another place that we can’t possibly ever visit. Something totally unfamiliar. The best of these stories paint a clear, vivid sense of their worlds that helps us feel as if we’ve actually been there. Sometimes the sensations from these worlds are so intense that we’ll put the book down and refuse to finish it because we don’t want it to end. Other times we’ll start the game over just as soon as we finish it, even if there isn’t another ending to check out—we just want to go back.

The worst part of all this is that, despite feeling like we’ve been there, knowing the cities and geography of these worlds intimately, having explored their corridors and alien landscapes, we can’t bring anything back. No moon rocks, no artifacts created by the indigenous space-peoples of wherever. Not even a #nofilter Instagram of the C-Beams we saw glittering in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate.

iam8bit, an art, production and marketing company that has had its hands in everything from art and apparel to special vinyl editions of video game soundtracks, wants to change that. With their Postcards from Space collection, iam8bit is looking to give us something to take home. While they certainly couldn’t cover every property, they’ve pulled in a variety of artists covering many of our favorites from sources, like Dune, Doctor Who, Transformers, Earthbound, and more, for a total of 39 different vacation spots to write home from. They all fit with a 36"x24" “Explore the Universe” poster by artist Edison Yan.

You could use these as actual postcards, buy a bunch of them to creatively frame, or just hang them on your cubicle wall to gaze at longingly during long conference calls. Whatever you do with them, they’re going to look damned good doing it.