HBO is known for pushing the boundaries of depictions of sex and nudity on television, but its new show Westworld might be taking the cable channel to a whole new level.

Deadline reported Wednesday that some extras on the forthcoming HBO show had to sign unusual consent forms to participate in “graphic sexual situations”, including “genital-to-genital touching” and posing “on all fours while others who are fully nude ride on your back”.

Lest anything get out of hand, SAG-AFTRA says it will send a rep to “monitor the situation” when the scene in question is filmed today.

The form reads as follows:

This document serves to inform you that this project will require you to be fully nude and/or witness others fully nude and participate in graphic sexual situations. By accepting this Project assignment, you may be required to do any of the following: appear fully nude; wear a pubic hair patch; perform genital-to-genital touching; have your genitals painted; simulate oral sex with hand-to-genital touching; contort to form a table-like shape while being fully nude; pose on all fours while others who are fully nude ride on your back; ride on someone’s back while you are both fully nude; and other assorted acts the Project may require. The Project will also include language and sexual situations that some may consider personally objectionable or uncomfortable.

Deadline also broke the news that the extras who are taking part in the scene today —more than 50 in total — are being paid up to $600, according to a source familiar with the shoot. That’s a lot more than the typical SAG-AFTRA scale for background performers, which is $157 a day.

This is the teaser HBO released for the show in August:

H/T Deadline