So, what are you into? If you’re a guy, are you an ass man? You like them boobies? Ladies, are you into more than just that D? In 2014, it shouldn’t shock anybody in the least that people are turned on and obsessed with not just your typical reproductive body parts. Of course we’re talking fetishes. Yeah, yeah, there’s foot and ear and elbow but compared to what else people are into, these seem like Yawnsville, USA.

Wanna know what turns people on? Apparently, EVERYTHING. If you can put a genitalia in the mix, anything is fair game. Don’t worry, we did all the work for you, and found some of the more bizarre sites that make people hard and/or moist.

15. Diaper Lovers

Oh. Boy. Some people never grow up. The online community might be for you if the thought of you or someone else in a diaper makes you go goo-goo-ga-ga. Grab the lube and a pacifier, and call for your mommy.

14. Farties

Everybody farts, but some people get hot whenever they hear a butt toot, especially on the site If you’re into watching naked women fart, then pass the beans and have at it.

13. Phonies

You know what would make that woman hotter? Giant headphones. Headphone fetishes do exist, especially on They do kinda make her look like Princess Leia…but that’s another fetish for another time.

12. Furries

We’ll start slow and work our way in. If you like dressing up in the equivalent of a sport mascot and plowing your ole’ lady while she wears a duck mask, you might be a furry. Think about watching animated anthropomorphic animals fuck and suck? Guess what? You’re also a furry. The furry lifestyle has something for just about everybody. Just go to, and you’ll find yourself in an alternate universe.

11. Goldies

If someone says they want to pee on you, they may just really like you, right? Urolagnia, watersports, or golden showers – for people who love peeing on others or being peed upon themselves. A popular site for this type of fetish is Just pretend it’s beer or apple juice and bottom’s up!

10. Maskers

That name seems to fit the best. A guy named “Kerry” is pretty well known on YouTube for wearing bizarre female masks and breasts that make him look like a cross dressing Micheal Myers. Whatever you want to call it, it’s kind of screwed up…but you can order one for yourself at!

9. Twinsies

You’ve always wanted a threesome, but what if two of them were permanently attached? Yeah!!!!! Wait, what? Try checking out the women on the website Conjoined Dreams! You’ll have your work cut out for you, hitting two g-spots in one night? Good luck! Lucky for you, they’re photo-shopped.

8. Looners

I said I didn’t want any fucking balloons at this party! Hey! Stop fucking the balloons! That’s right, slinky women and rock hard men squeezing, inflating, popping, rubbing, riding, and humping balloons. Head to to witness the strange sexual practice in all its glory. Party City must love these people!

7. Transformers

Ugh…her again…don’t you wish you could be with someone/something else just for the night? Tada!! Ladies are almost magically turned into anything you can think of. Want to screw a robot? Boom! Need to jack it to an alien? Bingo! Lady Statues you’re thing? ZAP! You got it! This fetish can be found on Apparently, this is what special effects artists do when their boners feel tingly.

6. Cake Dusters

You���ve heard of crop dusting, right? Well, haven’t you ever been enjoying cake and thought something was missing? Hmmmm, this cake could use more farts! Who says you can’t have your cake and fart on it too? is where you need to be if this is your type of thing. This is why I prefer pie.

5. Cookers

Some guys want a woman who can cook, and some guys want to see a woman cooked…sort of. At, girls are on the menu and oddly enough, seeing a woman skewered by other women send a rush of confusing thoughts through even the sanest of us.

4. Inflaties

Not to be confused with looners, but some people get off on seeing others have fun with inflatable rafts, pool toys and innertubes on Try not to think about what went wrong in their childhood and yank one out to all the fun they are seemingly having.

3. Bikies

Naked women on bikes. Who’s not into that? The necessary thing here is the bike. The bike’s sleek lines are just as important as the models’…um…parts. The fetish can be seen at At least they are all staying in good shape. Let’s hope they at least clean the seat off every now and then.

2. Pedal Pumpers

These girls need AAA and your just sitting there slapping your ding dong on your desk top. It’s okay, you can’t help it. Maybe you can help them when you’re finished. Probably not. 

1. Enema-ies

The good news is they’re clean. The bad news is, they always want a tube gushing water jammed up their b-hole. Maybe the people on caused the California drought, because that’s a lot of water and they must go through a lot of sheets. At least now you know why they’re in the bathroom so long.