There are many things that can lead to the end of a relationship. Incompatibility, an argument, cheating, etc. But did you know the date also seems to have an effect? A couple of guys took data from Facebook to figure out what times during the year most couples broke up. Try to think about when your last relationship ended before looking at the results.


  • Apparently a lot of people don’t like their Valentine’s Day gifts, because there’s a huge increase in breakups after the Holiday of Love and leading up to Spring Break.
  • Relationships are like Garfield, they don’t like Mondays. (Most breakups take place on that day.)
  • There’s a spike on April Fool’s Day. So maybe cancel any prank plans you had for your significant other.
  • People like going into the Summers untethered.
  • A lot of breakups as Winter Holidays approach. Apparently people think long and hard about whether they’re partner is worth spending money on.
  • Breaking up on Christmas is a dick move in any situation.

Let’s hope this graph doesn’t serve as motivation for your girlfriend…