It turns out Facebook has a top-secret division (well, not so top-secret anymore) called Building 8 where they’re working on mind reading, augmented reality, drones and retail logistics. Apparently, these will all eventually be turned into products that the social networking giant will sell to its millions of customers. That’s right, Facebook is making hardware, and it includes mind-reading tech.

If this all sounds like a secret billionaire villain’s hideaway research facility, you wouldn’t be so far off from the truth.

A year or so ago, Facebook started hiring geniuses from a wide swath of industries, including neuroscientists and cardiologists. One of them, a former John Hopkins neurologist who helped develop a mind-controlled prosthetic arm, is working on mind-reading technology.

This echoes what we reported last month when Elon Musk said he wants to create brain computer interfaces. It seems multiple billionaires are racing toward the mind-reading technology, in other words.

Facebook’s mind-reading tech looks like it is aiming to allow users to share information telepathically. Think about it - since Facebook already has a massive network that people plug into to share their feelings, thoughts, videos and photos, why not just let them plug in all the time via brain interface and just share our thoughts for us?

If that sounds scary, fear not, as there will almost certainly (or at least we hope) be options to turn it off.

Expect this, and other upcoming crazy Facebook hardware, to be unveiled in the coming months.