Via the [Scunthorpe Telegraph](

Via the Scunthorpe Telegraph.

Algorithms can be tricky. The English town of Scunthorpe is learning this lesson the hard way.

According to The Independent, Facebook’s profanity filter is blocking promoted posts featuring the industrial town in North Lincolnshire, presumably because of the four-letter word contained within its name. That’s bad news for local business trying to advertise on the social media platform.

“As a band we like to promote our shows via Facebook,” Dan Young, a member of an English band called October Drift, said. “But Facebook has none of it when trying to boost the posts.”

Jon Jarman, another Scunthorpe local who was unable to promote posts for his business, claims he reached out to Facebook about the matter but was simply advised to check the company’s ad policies, which is the equivlent of being told “C U Next Tuesday.”

This isn’t the first time the oddly named town has made headlines. In 2013 a poll ranked it the least romantic place in the U.K., much to the delight of the village of Balls Green.

Source: The Independent