How did the opportunity to pose for present itself?

I guess I just wanted the exposure and I like sharing my body with the world! Being sexy is a fun way to look at yourself. When I was in high school a friend of mine told me about the casting calls for Playboy. I wasn’t old enough, but by the time I was there was a casting call in Houston. I went for the experience and they actually called me back and told me they liked me. It was a pretty exciting day! And ever since then I’ve been doing photo shoots. What special qualities do you bring to

I look at myself as a perfect girl next door. I’m pretty bubbly, outgoing and a natural blonde. I really bring that entire fresh faced package to What do you do when you’re not modeling?

I’m a student at the University of Texas so I’m trying to finish up school right now. I also work a couple of jobs. I

am getting a degree in American Studies with a minor in Italian. When I finish school I really want to teach English in Italy. How do we win a date with Abigail?

If you’re into the same kind of thrash metal punk music as I’m into, I’ll really be interested in you. Music is kind of like my life. It’s a great way for me to connect to my emotions and I’m attracted to people that can share that with me. So if you like music that’s a good way.

* What are three albums you think everyone should own? *

One of my favorite albums is Dog Problems by The Format also Dookie by Green Day and the band Brand New’s album Your Favorite Weapon. Tell me a secret!

I’m really good at math but no one knows that about me. It’s my nerdy secret. Do you have a specific workout routine or are you just genetically blessed?

I don’t want to sound cocky but I was definitely genetically blessed. I could eat Ramen noodles every day for a month and still be the same size. I do workout three or four times a week. There’s a gym in my apartment and I like the energy boost working out gives me.

* What is your greatest unfulfilled fantasy? *

Well, it will never be fulfilled but ever since I saw Black Swan in the theaters my fantasy is to meet a hot chick. I think women are really sexy so it’s something that’s been in the back of my mind. If you could go on a date with one person dead or alive who would it be?

I have the biggest crush on Cooper Hefner! He’s adorable and smart too. I follow him on Twitter. What would you two do on your date?

On dates I really like to do low key things because it’s more important to me to get to know the person than go out. We’d probably go out to eat and then come to my place for a movie. I like cuddling and things like that so it would be perfect thing to do with Cooper.

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