Ass-kicking Cyber Girl Ana Cheri talked to about her love of kickboxing, boobs and peanut butter. Which physical feature do you get the most compliments on?

My smile and my booty. What do you love most about posing for

Once you become a Cyber Girl you’re part of the Playboy family, and I aspire to become a Playmate someday, so I’m putting my foot in the door. What would the theme of your dream photo shoot be?

Probably very sexy, warm lighting, and me putting on my makeup or maybe getting undressed for the night. Something very girly but romantic at the same time.

{“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“848”} How do you stay in such killer shape?

I have a phenomenal personal trainer that I train with four times a week. He’s amazing. He gives me my diet routine and everything. I definitely have to work to look the way I do. Do you ever cheat and have something naughty to eat?

My favorite thing to cheat with is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. They’re my absolute favorite. Anything peanut butter I love. Are you currently working or in school?

When I’m not modeling I’m a hair stylist and makeup artist. Which men’s hairstyle is hot for this fall?

A hot look for men this fall will be similar to Brad Pitt’s hair in Inglourious Basterds. German 1940s kind of look — very cute and clean-cut. What is one hair style or color all men should avoid?

Red hair color. Unless they’re a natural redhead they should probably stay away from it. What is the funniest thing that happened to you on set of your shoot?

That’s a tough one because we were laughing at everything all day. Probably when I took my clothes off for the first time on set, everyone went dead silent. I was like, “What!” and they were like, “Um, nothing, we see this every day.” I think they might have been checking me out! In your latest shoot you were wearing boxing gloves; do you box?

Yes, my trainer actually trains me in kickboxing. It’s a really good form of exercise and helps get that aggression out, and as a woman it’s important to feel strong and like you can protect yourself in any situation. Are you a UFC fan?

My trainer actually trains a lot of UFC fighters. He’s been on TV a few times. I watch him and see the fights so I do watch a lot of MMA. Who is your favorite UFC fighter?

I’d have to say Quinton “Rampage” Jackson; he’s the sweetest guy and a great dad. He’s such a doll. If you could go on a date with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Channing Tatum. I’m sure I’m going to get in trouble for this because his wife is gorgeous, but I don’t care! What qualities drive you wild in a man?

Manners. Treat me like a lady. What qualities drive you wild in a woman?

A sweet disposition, a very nice girl. I love boobs, I check out boobs. I’m kind of a boob girl — every girl I see, I’m like, your boobs look great! I tell my best friend that all the time when she wears this certain bra. Do you have any other secret talents?

I can kick anyone’s butt at air hockey. I might be interested in opening up a gym. It would be a kickboxing, MMA-style gym. I’m super into it and train a lot. What were you like in high school?

I was the biggest flirt. I was a cheerleader and social butterfly. What do you bring to that other women may not?

I’m a sweet girly girl with a tomboy sporty side. You don’t see too many centerfolds right now that are sporty and athletic so I think that’s an asset. What’s on your bedside table?

Water, jewelry, birth control and lube.

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