What has been your sexiest shoot for

I did another shoot with my friend, Cyber Girl Megan Medellin, that hasn’t come out yet; it is super racy. What do you bring to Playboy that is special?

I think I have a different look. Also, it helps that I used to be a ballet dancer. I know how to make my legs look more defined and longer, and how to move my feet in heels. Are you quite flexible?

Yes I am—that’s something I didn’t want to lose because I worked hard to get it. I stretch every day. I can do the splits and the human pretzel. What is your perfect breakfast in bed?

I’m big with bacon so there’s got to be bacon, at least four pieces. Eggs over medium, sourdough toast and hash browns. Which qualities drive you wild in a man?

Physically, I like a tall man. I’m 5’8” myself, which is pretty tall, and wear heels that are at least five inches, so I like a man that’s tall. I also love forearms; I don’t know what it is, there’s just something nice about defined forearms. What are three albums men should own to impress chicks?

I can’t speak for all women; for me, if a man put on Michael Jackson’s Thriller or Jimi Hendrix Experience or any album from Led Zeppelin I’d be like, “Yes! This man is awesome!” What makes you feel sexiest?

A pair of heels, whether it’s dressing them up with a pair of jeans or a little dress…or nothing What is your greatest unfulfilled fantasy?

Can I say that it’s been fulfilled? Because it has. My biggest fantasy was my man coming home to me and just picking me up with all this passion and emotion, ripping my clothes off, throwing me on the bed and having his way with me. Who is one person, dead or alive, you’d love to go on a date with?

Bradley Cooper—he’s super sexy and seems super funny too. Do you collect anything?

I collect Barbie Dolls. I have over 300, and they’re all in the boxes. Don’t worry, I don’t play with them. [laughs] What’s the most bizarre Barbie you have?

They made a Ken and Barbie Star Trek set. When guys come over, are they freaked out by your Barbie collection?

No, they’re not; they usually think it’s pretty cool. I usually have to explain what they are—obviously they know I don’t play with them. I think they can appreciate it’s something I’ve been doing for a long time. What is one skill you think all women should have?

A woman needs to know how to give a man a good massage. Any special messages to your fans?

I want to thank all my old fans and all my new fans; hopefully I’ll be doing more pictorials for you guys. Thank you for all your love and support.

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