We caught up with Cyber Girl of the Week, Bre Marie, to find out what she’s been up to since her October pictorial. The bubbly brunette let us in on what turns her on, the way to her heart and who she wants to see pose in Playboy.

Playboy: What inspired you to become a Cyber Girl?

Playboy is one of the only classy nude modeling brands out there and the fact that it’s not over the edge crazy, it’s beautiful women.

Playboy: Which qualities do you bring to Playboy that other women may not?

I’m bubbly and outgoing….so far I’m all natural but hopefully I’ll get a boob job soon.

*Playboy: Name three men that embody the Playboy persona in 2011. *

That’s a hard one! Hugh Hefner of course…the one and only. Let’s see, who hasn’t gotten married this year? Trey Songz is doing pretty good and my last choice would have to be Brad Pitt, always and forever.

Playboy: Which qualities do you find sexiest in a man?

Eyes, smile, and when a guy whispers in my ear and nibbles on it.

Playboy: How about a woman?

Her laugh! Also her smile…and boobs!

Playboy: Name one woman that you would like to see pose for Playboy?

This might sound bad but Taylor Swift.

Playboy: How does a man find his way to your heart?

Trust. With me you’ve got to have my trust.

Playboy: What turns you on?

Probably the nibbling and the whispering in my ear.

*Playboy: Name one bad habit you have that most people don’t know about. *

I used to smoke cigarettes but I don’t anymore so I’d have to say bleaching my teeth.

Playboy: Have you been naughty or nice in 2011?

I’m going to say nice. Probably because I’m a little shy, I just turned 19.

Playboy: What is your idea of a perfect date?

Horseback riding on the beach.

Playboy: Are you single?

Yes I am!

Playboy: Who is your favorite sex icon of all time?

Pamela Anderson.

*Playboy: What’s the most important thing you learned in 2011? *

That my haters are my motivators!

Playboy: What are your goals for 2012?

To keep pushing myself and doing all I can for Playboy.

Playboy: Do you have any unfulfilled fantasies?

Oh man! Sex on a school desk in a church and I was so close to fulfilling it this year. So close!

Playboy: Do you have any messages for your admirers?

I just want to thank everyone who has supported me and helped me through everything this year. I want my fans to know I’m never going to leave them unsatisfied no matter what. Playboy or not I’m always going to be there and be doing nude modeling and I’m not going to give up on my dreams.