When did you start working with Playboy?

I was a Cyber Girl back in April 2010, shot for their Fresh Face sites and did a Special Edition…I also did a shoot for recently which will be coming out soon. How old are you?

I’m 22. What qualities in a man drive you wild?

First off, I think personality is more important than looks. I like someone who can make me laugh and have good conversations, but I also like nice arms and a nice butt…that always helps! What qualities do you find most attractive in a woman?

I like nice hair, curves, not too much curves, but nice curves and legs, I love nice legs. Are you a natural redhead?

My hair is pretty close to this color — it’s naturally more brown with a little bit of a red tint but I dye it redder. Do gingers have souls?

I think so! South Park says they don’t, but I think they probably do. What are your hobbies when you’re not modeling?

I’m in school for graphic and web design right now. It allows me to be creative, but there’s a huge market for it too. How has posing for Playboy changed your life?

Playboy is such a great brand that’s been around for years and always has the most beautiful women. If anything, it’s helped build my confidence a little bit and I approach people differently now because I know I experienced something really cool that most people don’t get to experience. Are you currently single?

Maybe… What is your idea of the perfect date?

I think the perfect date would be something one-on-one where we could get to know each other, going camping or biking or something cool like that. Anything interactive where we’re not just watching a movie. What is your biggest fear?

This might sound weird but I am terrified of E.T. I had bad recurring nightmares about him when I was a little kid. E.T. and I are just not on good terms. He’d make those shrieks and move his head up and down, he looks kind of weird and slimy and he has no legs! I remember when I was in the ninth grade my mom made me go to Universal Studios with her and she forced me to ride the E.T. ride. All the little kids around me were like, “Man, this is so boring,” and I was hyperventilating and freaking out. At the end of the ride they program E.T. to say your name; I had nightmares for days. It was terrifying. What part of your body do you find sexiest?

I get a great response on my legs, I like them a lot. What do you find funny that nobody else does?

I think it’s funny to watch old bad movies and laugh at them. They’re so terrible and the acting is hilarious. I used to watch them a lot last year. What is the best way to get a girl into bed?

I like guys that show interest and are assertive instead of being like, “Oh, she’ll come to me.” Confident guys that are not afraid to approach a girl are attractive. What is your worst habit?

When I want to do something I’m balls to the wall and obsess about it, so if I’m working on a project or website that’s all I do. I don’t take breaks, I live it and I obsess over it. I’ll dream about working. I guess I get stuff done but it’s also a vice of mine. Do you have any messages for your admirers?

You guys have been with me since the beginning and I just keep picking up new fans along the way. My fans have been so dedicated. I remember once, my cat had to go to the vet and my fans got together and paid my vet bill.

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