Alternative model Carissa White sat down with us to talk about her sexiest stories on set, what’s great about being so petite and what all women should know how to do well. Which physical feature are you most proud of?

I am pleased with most, but if I had to pick, I’d say my eyes; people always tell me it’s the eyes that get them. You are an alternative model. What is the craziest shoot you’ve ever been asked to participate in?

I haven’t been asked to do anything too crazy, in my eyes at least. The requests that were a bit odd were foot fetish and boot fetish shoots, typical. The most crazy and interesting stuff involving photo shoots has been behind the scenes trying to capture the perfect shot, like climbing up a pillar on a church in seven-and-a-half-inch stripper boots, hoping not to get busted by a security guard or a cop; meanwhile the photographer had to balance lighting and get the right angles. Or sneaking into an abandoned building that was being demolished, avoiding breaking my ankles walking over the debris or not falling into holes in the ground.


* What is the sexiest on set story you can share with us? *

I treat my shoots professionally; sexy for whom, the photographer watching me pose? I suppose there was an incident with an old lover that was indeed a photographer. During the shoot I guess I was flirty. I was wearing a latex dress and I had my legs spread out before him, posing, and he walked over to help aid me in lubing up my dress to make it shine. Your recent shoot has a Marilyn Monroe vibe; do you draw inspiration from any vintage Playmates?

No, I don’t really draw inspiration from vintage Playmates; I was not actually the one in charge of styling the shoot, not hair, makeup, wardrobe, nothing. I am actually grateful for this because I would have styled it too edgy. I’m really glad that I got to be dolled up in a way that I normally don’t. This way people can see that I’m super versatile and that I can transform into whatever style or look is needed. I think people really adored this softer look, and I’m quite fond of it myself. I want to do more shoots that are more vintage styled; I love the elegance of it. What makes a good kisser?

Big, soft lips. Someone who is passionate enough to be able to release that tingly sensation that surges through the other’s body with their kiss. You’re 5’3”; what is the best thing about being so petite?

I like being able to wear insanely tall shoes and not hover over my date. I also like being able to pounce on people and them being able to catch me without me tumbling them over. Tell us what drives you wild in a man.

Men do not drive me wild, I drive them wild. But if you must know, truthfully I tend to go wild over my boyfriends. Name something all women should do well.

Know how to outwit a man. What is your biggest bad habit?

I’ve been thinking hard about that one and the only one I can think of are my sleeping habits; they are terrible. Sometimes I’m nocturnal, sometimes I’m on a regular human schedule, sometimes I can’t sleep at all. Tell us something your fans would be surprised to know about you.

I have a lot of strength for a tiny lady. I’m actually stronger than a lot of boys. Guess I mention it because everyone thinks I’m so tiny and cute. It doesn’t mesh well with my vicious temper. If you could go on a date with one person, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

No one alive…and no man. I’d be intrigued by Elizabeth Bathory; I’d like to go on a date with her to analyze her brain. She was such a demented person that it’d be interesting to pick her apart a bit and analyze her movements; it would certainly be amusing. What is your greatest achievement in life?

Pulling myself out of the holes life digs for me. I’ve been in many situations that left me broken, depressed and unable to pursue a good future for myself. So to me it’s a great achievement that I’ve pulled through all of that, holding my head up high and getting back on my feet and kicking ass again, doing photo shoots again like with Playboy. Do you have any messages for your fans?

You should not hesitate to pursue something you really want to do based on what you think others’ reactions might be. If I listened to one of my ex-boyfriends, or hateful women who have put me down, I wouldn’t be modeling. I hope you guys enjoyed my Playboy set; I was so nervous doing this one because I was insanely tired and only slept two hours before. Also I know it’s a completely different look; I hope you guys can appreciate it as I’m always changing.

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