talks to Cybergirl Chelsie Farah about her exotic look and staying in shape; two of our favorite Chelsie topics. ****

* If you could have a sleepover with any Playmate, who would you choose? *****

If I had to choose one, I’d love to spend the day with this year’s PMOY Raquel Pomplun. I find her work beautifully stunning and love to study the way she moves her body. She also seems silly, down-to-earth and fun. I’d love to hear her Playboy journey firsthand; I hope to be where she is one day! How did you become involved with

I submitted my pictures to go to the Halloween party, and when I submitted my pictures I got a reply asking if I was interested in coming to an audition for one of the castings. It was something I was interested in since I was 12 years old. I wrote in my journal in sixth grade that I wanted to grow up to become a Playmate, so it’s something I had been interested in but hadn’t acted on so an opportunity was presented. I went to the casting; it was great—good energy, good vibes—and two weeks later I was shooting. Was the shoot everything you thought it would be?

It helped my confidence level a lot. I didn’t realize how comfortable I was with my own body until I was in front of the camera shooting for It’s awesome to be vulnerable in front of the camera and display the body you worked for to the world and to be proud of it. Which part of your body are you most proud of?

My stomach; it responds quicker than other parts of my body. I’ve been very blessed with ab muscles. I’m very proud of not having bloating and a big tummy. It’s nice to be healthy and have a flat tummy. When do you feel sexiest?

I feel sexy when I get out of the shower, have a glass of wine and put on some music and lingerie. Also, when I can actually see my reflection it helps me to feel sexy as well, to see the way my body is moving and how I look doing something in different ways.

* What turns you on most in the bedroom? *

I would say teasing; I feel the buildup is the most important. So I feel if someone can take the time to appreciate my body and make me wait for it, I think that’s the sexiest thing in the world. I love when a person is worshipping every part of your body and just soaking you up, so going slowly and appreciating every part of the experience is pretty sexy. You mentioned you love showing off the body you’ve worked for. Do you have a special workout routine?

I actually grew up in the gym. My dad is a former personal trainer, body builder and competitor; my mom as well was a fitness instructor and personal trainer, so I took after them and teach fitness classes as well. I teach step and cardio sculpt three mornings a week for an hour, and I just think that’s awesome because you get to help benefit somebody’s life in a healthy and positive way. I’m knowledgeable and I want to share that with people and want them to see the change in their body. I love teaching the classes and hiking and doing outdoor activities; I’m very athletic fitness and health oriented. I’m studying and plan to be certified in personal training, so I watch what I eat a lot. I’m vegetarian so I don’t eat any meat, and I find that’s helped my body a lot. Do you have a favorite naughty snack?

Burritos. I could probably live off of those, especially breakfast burritos, that is my all-time favorite food, which isn’t too bad. I love burritos and Taco Bell, and it’s great too because you can substitute beans for the meat and I swear it makes it 10 times better. Taco Bell is my love; I probably give in to it at least once a week; it’s good to live a little.

* If you were on a desert island and could choose three luxury items, what would they be? *

I would choose a boat and get the hell out of there! It would have a fully stocked bar and a nice built-in lounge chair.

{“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“6680”} Do you have any secret talents?

I can do this cool flower thing with my tongue and I can make a weird duck sound with my mouth and I can armpit fart. It’s the stupidest talent to be proud of, but it took me so long to learn. I learned it two weeks ago and I have a 10-year-old brother and I ran into the house and was like, “Look what I can do!!”

* What do you bring to that sets you apart from other Cybergirls? *

I would definitely say the fitness aspect. I have more of an athletic build; I don’t have that twig-skinny runway model body. I have a body that I worked extremely hard for and I have muscle and I think it’s beautiful. I think strong is sexy. I’m in love with it and work hard for it. I get mistaken for Latina a lot and I’m Middle Eastern, so I feel I have a different look too. My look is exotic and different. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself as being in Playboy Magazine, living by the beach in a beautiful house, probably married, maybe getting ready to start a family and always doing my fitness. That is something I’ll never let go of because it will keep me healthy until the day I die.

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