What inspired you to become a Cybergirl?

When I was 18 and 19 I really started getting into Playboy. Ultimately I really want to be a Playmate, but when I found out I got Cybergirl I thought that was really cool and was super excited about that.

* How many shoots have you done for *

I did Special Edition magazines: I did Girls with Girls, Natural Beauties, there were four Playboy Special Edition Magazines I posed for, and then the calendar. After that I became a Cybergirl and then I did Playboy Magazine February 2011 edition. What is the sexiest thing that has happened to you on set?

My first shoot ever was the Girls with Girls one. I liked the girl because I actually knew her and I had seen her out and about. Got on set and we were shooting all day and I had so much fun shooting. You know, you go through so many different outfits—we got into this one scene that obviously got super sexual and my bottoms got wet so I kept them and never gave them back because it would have been so embarrassing! You’ve spent some time at the Playboy Mansion. Have you met Hugh Hefner?

I’ve met Hugh Hefner a few times. The first time I met him I was a painted girl for one of the Kandyland parties. He was there with the twins he was dating at the time. I saw Hugh and I blew him a kiss and he blew me one back! I was like, “Oh my god, he blew me a kiss!” When I shot for Playboy Magazine it was at his house and he came down and was like, “Hey, girls, thanks for coming down!” I also know Hef from the Fun in the Sun movie night at the Mansion. What is movie night at the Mansion like?

It’s one of my favorite events to go to. I met Chris Brown and Flo Rida at the Kandyland party, but I’d much rather go to movie night. You get to meet all the Playmates, you get to meet his girlfriends, all his friends and family are there. You can tell that’s their Sunday thing, that’s what their group of friends do on a Sunday night. You get to peek into his world. All the girls lay by the pool all day—it’s Fun in the Sun—and then we all go in for dinner; they tell you what’s on the menu earlier that day. Then Hef chooses from three movies and everyone gravitates towards big bowls of popcorn in the kitchen and everyone grabs a Playboy water and heads to the living room. There’s a huge screen, blankets and pillows and about 30 people there. What do you do when you’re not modeling?

I’m super busy: I have a three year old so I chase him a lot, and I’m a bikini barista. A bikini barista is basically like a Starbucks: guys can order coffee through a drive-through, and I’m wearing a bikini. I’m also going to school to become a dental assistant right now and will be done in May. Do you have any other talents your fans might not know about you?

It’s not a secret; I run. I ran at Portland State over a scholarship for cross-country and track. So I run and have also just got into Crossfit, which is using different circuits using your body weight. I will get out of Crossfit at 10 at night and then run until midnight. I play in a lingerie football league as well, which is tackle team. I’m taking the season off, but I’m starting again next year. I played for three seasons. Ten of us out of the league got to do the Playboy photo shoot and stay at the Mansion. Football practice is hard and gritty. It’s freezing here and we’ll still practice outside if it’s snowing, raining, hailing on us and it’s full tackle.

* Do you actually wear lingerie? *

Booty shorts for bottoms, bra tops, cleats and we have shoulder pads and football helmets. We’re the Seattle Mist and we’re part of the lingerie football league. Are you a football fan in general?

I used to be like many girls, “Oh yay, football,” but now I know about football and I can hear the plays and I know what’s going on. My favorite team used to be the Green Bay Packers but now I’m a huge Seattle fan because I’m the Seattle Mist. Which physical attributes do you most often get comments on?

I think I most often get comments on my eyes because they’re, like, black. Oh, and probably my butt; when we were shooting for the magazine they were doing this one shot and the photographer was like, “Your butt looks so good, it already looks airbrushed!” What makes you feel sexiest in general?

I like it when there’s the camera guy and the lighting guy and there’s usually like 20 people on set that see naked women every day. So I love it when they stop and stare and I distract them, like, “Oops you’re supposed to be doing your job and I’m distracting you!” I kinda enjoy that. When I did my Playboy shoot for the magazine it was in the UFC stadium; we were down there on the football field and there were these college kids that had to run up and down the stairs and I knew that they knew that I was naked and I loved that. I like peeping toms. One thing all men should do more of?

I don’t know, there are so many things they should be doing! Work out more. I think everyone needs to work out more. What is your idea of the perfect breakfast in bed?

I get up pretty early because I’m a coffee girl so we have to get up at four and five A.M. So if I got to sleep in and get my perfect breakfast I would definitely want oatmeal with strawberries, blueberries and lots of fruit because I’m vegetarian so I’m kind of picky and then a white coffee, white chocolate mocha. What is the most important lesson you took from 2012?

You really need to prioritize and be organized. I’m really working on that right now. I love football but I had to cut it out of my life so I had more time with my kiddo, school and my job. So last year I learned a lot about prioritizing. What qualities drive you wild in a man?

This might sound really bad but I really like men that are upfront and almost assholes, or maybe sarcastic? There’s a certain sarcasm that I like. There are so many pretty girls out there and some guys just lay it all out on the line. I like a man that can hold his own and not be a pushover. I don’t want a guy that’s going to put his jacket down on a puddle for me; I want a guy that’s going to jump over the puddle with me and then laugh about the guy that put his jacket down. What is your idea of the perfect date?

I have a new boyfriend and I love to go running in my extra time, so I was like “Let’s go running,” and he came with me and could actually keep up. It was perfect because he’s not a runner, he’s a 6’5” Crossfit guy, and he kept up with me and I thought, “This is kind of awesome; I have a guy that can come running with me now.” Any words of wisdom for aspiring models?

Be yourself; having your own natural hair color is big. The Playboy brand is a great dream and a good goal, but definitely push for more. Few girls break out of it, like Holly Madison or Kendra Wilkinson, Anna Nicole Smith. Have other goals because not everyone will break out.