For this week’s Facetime, we caught up with the gorgeous and feisty Cybergirl, Dani Mathers.

Dani talked to about her newfound passion for Agent Provocateur lingerie (vs. her love of going nude), playing outdoors, and dates at the gun range.

Read on!

How did you get started posing for

Sam Rhima found me on and cast me for Playboy’s Beach House and Playboy Trip Argentina. I said yes to both because a) I had never had the time or money to travel; and b) I wanted to know what it felt like to be naked in front of people who weren’t my family, girlfriends, or boyfriend! I worked both gigs and never looked back!

What unique talents do you bring to

I think I’m a great asset to because I have charisma – I can talk and be sexy – I’ll try most anything at least twice, and I’m interested in the business end of the company, not just the girls, modeling, and aesthetics.

*Which physical feature do you most often get complimented on? *

Mostly my smile, because I’m always smiling!

*Do you have a favorite behind-the-scenes story from a photo shoot? *

I’d have to say my favorite BTS was when I shot “Playboy Hijacks Christmas” last year with Cybergirl Lauren Elise and Kimberly Fattorini. It was so cute! We got to rip open empty gift boxes and make a mess of a beautiful woodsy living room with pretty panties, candy canes, ribbons, ornaments, and red lipstick! Also both ladies are friends of mine so it made the shoot that much more like every man’s ideal ladies’ sleepover! Not to mention we got to tie up Santa and harass him!

Apart from modeling, what are you focusing on?

I have been continuing to focus on my acting career and am happy to say have some exciting projects for you guys to see come 2014! I have also been working on my new jewelry line.

What’s your idea of the perfect date?

Something crazy, something unexpected, something I’ll remember… not just a dinner and a movie! I’d love to shoot guns, go Go-Karting…you could even take me to the zoo! Live music and wine is never a bad route, either!

When do you feel sexiest?

I know Drake said it best, but honestly I feel sexiest when I’m barefaced, hair in a bun on top of my head, with panties and an oversized sweater on! I definitely love a good excuse to dress up, paint my face, and toss on some 5” heels, but nothing beats being au naturel!!

*What’s one thing you think all men should know? *

Don’t try to be the tough guy. Open our doors, be honest, and be decisive! When a girl asks what you want to do or eat and you say, “I don’t care…” it drives us crazy!

*What qualities drive you wild in a man? *

Creativity. I love a man who is artistic! I also LOVE a neat freak and a man who can cook! Nothing keeps your mind clear like a good meal and a clean space!

*How do we win your heart? *

With a home cooked Italian meal… and a foot rub. Definitely a foot rub!

*What’s the best date you’ve ever been on? *

I’d say one of the best was a date to the shooting range. It was unconventional, but so sexy and across-the-board fun.

The worst?

The worst was a when I got walked out on in the middle of a restaurant… and got stuck with the bill!

*If you could go on a date with one person, dead or alive, who would it be? *

Okay, don’t laugh: Gary Oldman or Jack Herer, hands down!

*What would your fans be surprised to know about you? *

I LOVE Marilyn Manson!! I have since I was little and I will until the day I die.

*Favorite drink? *

Coffee all day long… any coffee, anywhere, anytime! Maybe that’s why I’m so short?

*Favorite piece of lingerie? *

My new Agent Provocateur Whitney set!!! Yes, my first adult lingerie set was just purchased this month and I’ll cherish it forever!

*Guilty pleasure? *

Parking like a dick in front of my house so nobody takes my parking spot… Ssshhhh!

Favorite place to travel to?

Of all the places I’ve seen, to this day, my favorite place to visit is always our family farm in Pennsylvania! It’s on almost 300 acres of land. It’s so peaceful. There’s so much family history there. Visiting the farm takes me back to my roots, and when I’m there, I always discover something I haven’t seen before! The best part about the farm is that now my aunt and uncle live there, so there is no question in my mind that this will be a place I bring my children and my grandchildren to, someday, as it will always be owned by a Mathers.

*Favorite TV show? *

Right now, Hell on Wheels! Most of my other favorites, like Dexter and Breaking Bad, have ended, but I’m okay with Anson Mount being my main squeeze.

*Social media profiles? *