sat down with Amateur Emily Rose (no relation to Cybergirl Ali Rose) to talk about her perfect date, what drives her wild in a man and a few of her favorite things. How did you get started posing for

Emily: I always was a huge fan of Playboy. About a year ago I finally gained enough courage to go to a casting and the next thing I knew I was invited to a party at the Playboy Mansion. I even got to meet Coco the monkey! The following week I got a call to come in and shoot my first pictorial. It all feels like such a dream come true! What unique things do you bring to

*Emily: *I really feel I embody what a Playboy model should be: the sweet girl next door that has a confident, sensual side. I am proud of my body and who I am! Which physical feature do you most often get complimented on?

Emily: My booty! I have always gotten compliments on my butt and I like showing it off! Curves are sexy and they make me feel so feminine. Do you have a favorite behind-the-scenes story from a photo shoot?

Emily: I was shooting a pictorial and BTS video on this gorgeous hanging bed outdoors. I had to walk up this dirt path in five-inch stilettos and then seductively crawl in the bed. Everyone on set was watching, and on my first take walking up the hill I totally ate it. Whoops! So much for trying to look graceful. Aside from modeling, what are you focusing on?

Emily: I teach Pilates, so right now I am really focusing on my health. Body, mind and spirit! What’s your idea of the perfect date?

Emily: My perfect date would be something fun and adventurous. I’m a Disney fanatic, so if a guy took me to Disneyland and then a nice romantic dinner I would be a very happy girl! When do you feel sexiest?

Emily: When I’m at home in bed.

* *What’s one thing you think all men should know?

Emily: Always be polite. There is nothing worse than a man who is rude and nothing sexier than a man who is truly kind. What qualities drive you wild in a man?

*Emily: *Someone who can make me really laugh and yet feel comfortable in silence. A guy who is a true gentleman and intelligent really makes me melt. And confident. There’s a huge difference between confidence and cockiness, though; confidence is sexy and a guy who is cocky is usually a jerk.

*{“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“8862”} *How do we win your heart?

*Emily: *Chocolate! I am such a foodie and love trying new things, so surprise me! And maybe a trip to Disneyland too! [laughs] What’s the best date you’ve ever been on?

Emily: I’ve been on a lot of great dates, but one of my favorites was actually at a wedding. I didn’t know anyone and my date just knew the bride and groom. We ended up having a blast and I felt like we were in a scene straight out of Wedding Crashers. We danced the night away and got everyone to go nuts when “Shout” came on. I suggest that all weddings take place at wineries. If you could go on a date with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?

*Emily: *Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The man can write, act, direct, sing and he looks damn good doing it. What would your fans be surprised to know about you?

Emily: Three fun facts: One, I won a blue ribbon for my blueberry pie at a county fair. Two, I took Latin throughout high school. Three, I lived in Japan when I was 17.

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