British Cybergirl Gracie Lewis is a natural redhead with a unique look and lots of charm. We can’t wait to see more of her!

* How long have you been working with the Playboy brand? *

I did my diary shoot summer 2010. It was really fun; we were in a really big, gorgeous old house! I always wanted to [model for Playboy] some more and this year I did so I’m a happy girl. What drew you toward glamor modeling?

I was scouted when I was younger. I started, then I stopped, and then I started again when I was about 22 and I have not looked back since!

{“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“6657”} How has working with the Playboy brand changed your life?

I wouldn’t say it’s changed my life; maybe if I am asked to go out to America to pose for Playboy, it could change my life. It has gained me a lot of American fans, though, which I love. What is the wildest behind-the-scenes story you can share with us from on set?

[Laughs] Well I’m not really the stereotypical glamor model, so the wildest thing that’s happened to me behind set of a shoot is probably fighting one of the other girls for the last piece of pizza at lunch time! What do you bring to *****that other women may not?*

I think Playboy is a huge brand, and all the girls I see posing for Playboy are outstandingly beautiful in their own way. For one, I have auburn hair and olive skin and blue eyes, which is a rare combination, so that probably makes me stand out. I also have quite a pert big bum in comparison to my waist, and I think bums are just as sexy as boobs, so bringing more bum to Playboy feels good! Are you a natural redhead? Do you get special attention because of your unique hair color?

I get quite a lot of attention, yes, mainly about the tone of my hair color: it’s not ginger and it’s not red; it is very unique! But of course I love being individual! Are you currently working or in school?

I am working right now as a full-time model in the U.K. What is something your fans would be surprised to know about you?

I think they would be surprised to know I have a degree in sociology and criminology, and I specialized in race and ethnic studies. Do you have any secret talents?

I like to sing…I rarely sing in front of people, though. What turns you on most in a man?

Ambition, drive, success and a great sense of humor. Oh, and nice teeth! what turns you on most in a woman?

I like eyes and hair and smiles in a woman! Tell us about your greatest unfulfilled fantasy.

I would love to pull a lesbian couple—that would be so hot! What is the smoothest way for a man to seduce a woman? Any tips for our readers?

I think being funny is a great way to pull. However, you’ve either got it or you haven’t, so unlucky for the dull boring men out there! What is your greatest accomplishment in life thus far?

I’m very independent. I have had no choice to be since [I was] young, so my greatest accomplishment is getting here where I am today. Do you have any vices?

Yes; I bite my lips all the time when I am nervous! It’s so ugly! What is the greatest lesson you took from the year that just passed?

To love, pray, hope and keep faith for anyone in your life that may be struggling. What are your goals for 2013?

I am launching my own business this year. I am very excited! Do you have any messages for your fans or admirers?

Thank you so much for all your support and lovely messages on social media. I’m glad you like me and hopefully you’ll like to see more of me. Be safe, be happy.

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