Cybergirl Gwen Barker talks to us about her latest acting role, her love of being naked and diving with sharks. Have you done many shoots with *Playboy *and A few. For the magazine I was in special editions. I did Lingerie, Natural Beauties and Sexy Girls Next Door. There were also some online shoots. You’ve modeled for years; what has been your sexiest shoot? My sexiest photo shoot was recently. It was for Autograph World. They had a mirror in front of me so I could just pose in front of it; I’m literally getting goose bumps right now just talking about this. It turned out so hot, sexual and sensual that I actually post a photo a day on my fan page because it’s such a good shoot. I saw in your behind-the-scenes video that you’re also an actress. Tell us about that. Yeah, I have been in a couple of films. I can’t mention them because they are not released yet, but I am in some major films that are about to come out. One is coming out in May. I worked on the show Graceland *yesterday; it’s about undercover CIA agents. Any work that my agent sends me I do. I’ve been on *Burn Notice *and then several movies that I can’t tell you about or I’ll get in trouble. * Have you had any interesting celebrity encounters you can share with us?** When I think of celebrities I view them like normal people, because I’ve worked with them and I’ve met many and they’re normal people just like all of us, except they’re on the big screen. That’s their job. My main philosophy is to always stay humble; no matter how much success I have, I always want to stay humble. What are you really good at? I’m very good at dancing; I danced for LakeCities Ballet Theatre when I was younger. I am very good at scuba diving and it’s something I’m very passionate about. Sharks are my favorite kind of dive; I also like drift dives and cave dives. I’m also good at modeling. {“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“1441”} You aren’t scared diving with sharks?! No, actually, I’ll chase them. When I’m underwater and see a shark they’re more afraid of me then I am of them. I’ll start swimming as fast as possible—and scuba diving is usually slow, it’s kind of like being an astronaut. I’ll actually chase the sharks and I’ll grab them and turn them upside down—they’ll go catatonic—and rub their bellies like a little kitty cat. It’s really, really, really cool. What makes you feel sexiest? I feel sexiest when I’m in photo shoots. When I have a good makeup artist and a good team around me, I feel sexy in front of the camera. I actually get turned on when I’m doing photo shoots; I don’t know if I’m getting turned on over myself because I feel sexy, but this is when I feel sexiest. How do we steal a kiss from you? Oh wow, wow, wow…It takes a lot to get a kiss from me. You could date me for two months and not get a kiss yet! [laughs] I’m very, very picky and very reserved when it comes to men, and right now I’m really focusing on me and my career. At this stage in my life I feel like it’s very healthy to focus on myself and who I am. So to get a kiss…none have been lucky with me lately. [laughs] In order to steal a kiss from me you need to be a man, not a boy. I like romance and flowers. You mentioned in your BTS video you’re a bit of a nudist. Have you ever been caught naked? Oh my gosh, yes! In the building I live in, they have the north tower and the south tower and I have not put up blinds in my house and it’s open because I’m looking over the ocean. I always walk around naked. I don’t like to wear clothes, I never wear shoes, I don’t think I’ve worn shoes for four days now except for when I’m on set! I got caught by my neighbor! I looked over and he was staring at me and I thought, “Oh my god, my neighbor can see me.” The building is literally right next to mine and looks directly into my house and my lights were on and it was dark out. It was so funny. I also never wear bras. I never notice it, but people around me are always like, “Oh my god, they were staring at your tits, you’re not wearing a bra,” and I don’t even notice, it’s very comfortable. What do you bring to that is different? In the Playboy world they need girls that are humble and true to who they are rather than falling into the 15 minutes of fame trap. I find humility very important. When someone meets me and finds out I’m a Playboy model, they’re like, “Wow I never would have guessed!” or “I thought you would have been a bitch!” I think I offer staying true to who I am. Follow Gwen on Twitter @TheGwenBarker or like her on Facebook.