Editor’s Note: On Wednesday, we had August 2011 Coed of the Month Hayden Hayes as our Facetime interview. In the spirit of phonetically spelled names, we posed the same questions to July 2007 Coed of the Month Haydn Porter.

Haydn Porter spared us 10 minutes in between a pair of three-hour college classes on Wednesday, and the former Coed of the Month talked about everything from ancient Rome to Libras. Be sure to check out Haydn’s Wet Hot Summer pictorial.

Gerald Mitchelson: Has being Coed of the Month changed anything about your life?*Haydn: *I guess it was a good confidence booster because I wasn’t extremely popular or too well received in high school. So it was a big surprise when they called to let me know about it. It just made me a little braver, almost, because the first shoot I did I was very nervous and on edge.

Wilhelmina Callaghan: What are you studying and what do you like the most about it?*Haydn: *Well I did a few years of psychology, which I’m continuing now but I’m also dabbling in art as well because that’s what I’ve really always wanted to do. So I’m just trying to make a career out of that. And I like freedom that comes with it because you get to express what’s in your head in an interesting way that people can look at. It’s more creative, and psychology is a little bit more depressing.

Marcus Half Ton Hill: What are your plans for the future?*Haydn: *I would really like to pursue acting. I’m also doing acting classes right now. I’m kind of all over the place. I also like drawing and I was also debating law school, so I’m really not settled on any one thing. I’m not in the best location to pursue acting but I do some here and there. I’d like to do something artsy fartsy, I guess.

Sandy Scott: How did you get the job to pose for Playboy?*Haydn: *It’s actually kind of funny. When I started college I was 17 and living in the honors house, which meant you had to be in the smarty pants honors program and everyone was giggling over the school newspaper because Playboy was coming for a casting and it happened to be on my 18th birthday, so I figured it would be worth a shot. Also, I know you guys weren’t always a fan of him but I’ve always wanted to meet Howard Stern and figured that if I was in Playboy he might be more interested. So I just went to the audition and two days later they shot me. It was something I did not really consider before. I know it sounds pompous, but I always thought it was a shame that whoever I’m dating gets to see what I’ve got. But when the opportunity presented itself it sounded like fun.

Madeleine Steeves: What’s your favorite food?*Haydn: *Sushi. Well, I also like Middle Eastern food, but sushi’s probably number one.

Wes Human: What do you like to do in your free time?*Haydn: *I like video games a whole lot, drawing, working out for sure. If I don’t work out I don’t feel like a complete person. I do a lot of dance classes, like hip hop and belly dancing. And I like horror movies a lot and creepy horror novels.

Kameron Johnson: Oreos: twist apart or just bite?*Haydn: *Twist apart. I always have to. But then I sometimes just eat the cream then eat one part of the cookie.

Justin Tatel: If you had to live in any ancient society, which one would it be?*Haydn: *Well, the Romans had good water systems so that’s definitely important and they also were very, well, nymphomaniacs, so that would be kind of fun. But Egypt, I also really like the art. Between those two I don’t know, but I guess having running water is more important, though, because things could get kind of gross back in the old days.

Alfred Mcleod: What do you look for in a guy?*Haydn: *Intelligence, patience for sure because I can be all over the place trying to get my stuff together, having a good sense of humor and being able to not take everything too seriously. He still should be goal oriented but not to where he’s too anal retentive. He should be open-minded, interested and willing to learn about other things in the world, not just being set in your ways. And maybe someone who’s creative. Being attractive is helpful but it’s not the main thing to go on, really.

Seth Neph Lubkeman: What’s your sign? How well would you say it fits you?Haydn:**I’m a Libra and I would say it does fit, actually. For a while I was really dubious about the whole horoscope thing but Libras are supposed to be about you like things to be fair and have a sense of balance and I think you’re supposed to be creative, which I definitely am. I always like to try to find something that works for everybody.

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