Sexy, exotic Cybergirl Jackie Dawn *talks to us about her love of *champagne, the men she falls for, and her hopes to pose with her twin sister for Playboy. We hope so too!

* What are your thoughts on working with the Playboy brand? *

I think Playboy is elegant and sexy. When I’m older I want to be able to look back at these pictures and see what I looked like when I was younger.

* Tell us what sets you apart from other Cybergirls. *

I have a twin sister [Cassandra Dawn]. We both shot independently for Playboy, and we want to try and shoot together next. Is there a sense of competition between the two of you?

No, I don’t feel like there’s any competition at all. My sister is very inspiring to me because she’s such a great model. She’s really good with posing and photogenic; modeling is very much her passion. She inspires me to do better.

* What would be your dream concept for a shoot with your sister? *

I remember seeing a pictorial of the Bentley twins shot in a limo together wearing white lingerie that I really liked. I’d love to do a shoot like that. It would depict us perfectly: tan skin with hair flying, leather, and streetlights passing by…two sisters having fun together, riding around in a limo, just tearing up the town. Where can we find you when you’re not modeling for

I do modeling and acting, mostly; I have been doing feature roles for TV shows like Californication, and I have an episode on Magic City this year, which is a show on Starz.

* What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you on set? *

I’ve done a nude scene where you have to wear a funny thing called a merkin: it covers your front and back so you feel nude but you’re not actually nude. It was a really funny thing; I hadn’t even heard of it before.

* What qualities do you look for in the opposite sex? *

I go for a man that’s very masculine but also very strong, but more inwardly strong than anything. A guy that’s honest, trustworthy, doesn’t have a big ego and has more of a serious demeanor. I like older men because of all these reasons.


* What is your idea of the perfect date? *

To start off with, some rosé champagne and then have dinner at a romantic restaurant. I really think drinking and talking is the best way to get to know someone, and I’m a pretty laid-back person. Maybe some lovemaking after. What is the greatest lesson you took from 2012?

In a relationship you really have to learn how to be adult about the decisions you make with no ego, no pride. I had to learn how to pick and choose my battles. Not everything is worth fighting over because life is so short. You want to spend your days enjoying your moments, not fighting and being upset and being angry. I think I’ve grown up emotionally; I don’t fall apart over little things. I’m not childish anymore; it has to be a big thing to get me upset. Do you have any advice for women looking to pose for

Keep it natural, be young, wake up and be cute. Be a happy, nice person because I feel like if you’re a happy, nice person, positive things will happen to you.

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