What do you bring to that is unique compared to other Cybergirls?

I think that every woman in the Playboy family has something so special and unique about her. What I love about women is that they all have their own beauty and mystery to unveil. I think that with my background of growing up in different foster homes and going to a bunch of different schools, I have been able to cultivate compassion and see where other people are coming from and adapt well to any situation. I’m sure all the other women are also nonjudgmental and able to relate, but that’s what I feel I bring to and any situation. How did growing up in foster homes shape you as a person?

I know that everyone has their own story and everyone’s story is tough for them. I’m in no way saying mine is tougher, but my parents had me very young so they weren’t quite ready to be parents. My birth dad is not in my life, but my birth mother is; she’s a great woman now. She wasn’t in my life until I was about 21. I grew up living in different households, so it was not a typical childhood. I ended up being on my own at 14, so in high school I lived in my car and didn’t get to participate in all the things I wish I could have. It’s made me who I am today and I don’t regret any of it. I was adopted into a very strict household when I was 17 that was opposite from my life before and I wasn’t able to participate in other things like prom or theatre because they were so strict. After I left that household I was able to find balance in life. I like to swallow life experience whole, and I like to travel and see all different cultures and all different people. I think that because of what I went through I am able to hear what people believe and what they feel and not think anyone is wrong but just know that’s what is right for them.


* From your Twitter presence you seem to be involved in all sorts of volunteering; tell us about that. *

My volunteering is year-round because I donate 25 percent of what I earn to a different charity. Every quarter of the year I choose a different charity but it always has to do with children. I also try to get Twitter involved with my fans because I never want to have a platform and not be using it for good. What I usually do is match my fans dollar for dollar up to a certain amount, so if I donate $2000 and they match me all of a sudden we have a $4000 donation. That’s my favorite way to be able to be charitable. I also volunteer hands-on; I’ve travelled all over central Africa and some of South America and have worked with children doing music/art therapy. Because of my history, a child in need or a child that is being abused or hungry keeps me up at night.

For my birthday I adopted a school. A lot of children go to school and they have free breakfast and free lunch but then they go home and don’t have anything to eat. What I did was adopt a school so that they are sent home with a brown bag with dinner in hopes that their parents aren’t taking it from them. Also being able to go to these schools and meet these kids because a lot of them are beaten and abused and are afraid to let anyone know because they are already so different and just want to blend in. This is also a way to be able to get into their lives, find out what’s going on and maintain a relationship of trust with them. That’s what I’m working on now, and I’m brainstorming on what I want to work on for next year. I want it to be big! You reference that you’re into reading poetry on Twitter; do you have an all-time favorite poem?

I’m not kidding, every morning I read the poem “The Invitation” by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. The moment I read it over a year ago it changed my life because it’s everything that is important in life. To be honest, this is so cheesy but it asks every first date question that I want answered, so I feel like I bring up the poem and see where the guy is at. I love dating a guy that’s a bookworm and a writer. If a writer falls in love with you, you’ll never die. I’m a huge reader and writer myself so reading this poem every morning helps me stay focused and cultivate these things. And if a guy even knows what this poem is we’re definitely having a second date. You’re an official Bellator Girl; tell us about that.

It’s an MMA fight league that is every Thursday night, and I am a huge MMA fan. I have been since I’ve had the job. When people ask what I do I say I’m a Playboy model and an MMA Bellator Girl, I love doing both. Who is your favorite MMA fighter?

I really like Michael Chandler; he’s dynamite. There’s not a fight that you can watch of his where you’re not on the edge of your seat. What is the craziest fight you’ve ever seen?

Curran vs. Warren or Chandler vs. Alvarez. Curran vs. Warren scared the heck out of me, and I don’t scare very easily. I honestly thought Warren was dead; when Curran knocked Warren out (they’re both my good friends) he fell over and threw up and looked like he was having a seizure: his eyes were open and his tongue was out. I was certain he had died; it was terrifying. Chandler vs. Alvarez was the best fight I saw in all my MMA years. A lot of fights are amazing and then they have their peak round, and this fight was at its peak from the first second to the last second of the entire fight so I think that was definitely the fight of the year.

* Any sexy behind-the-scenes stories you can share with us? *

Me and Mercedes, the other ring girl, have this thing we call Sweet Submission; you can YouTube it, sometimes Spike will air it. It’s when Mercedes and I show a jujitsu move on each other, and while educational it is also very sexy.

* What are your biggest turn-ons? *

I really like a big smile on a guy. There’s something about a guy when he smiles with his eyes and they get small like Josh Harnett and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, it just melts my heart. I think when a guy has a big smile he’s the sexiest creature. I love that and obviously also love a charitable heart. I have six traits I want in a guy and they haven’t changed in over a decade. Can you tell us in a nutshell what these six traits are?

I hardly ever tell a guy because I don’t want him to try to become those things, but the first one is that he is spiritual. I don’t mind if a guy doesn’t agree with my faith, but I don’t want him to bash it and I won’t bash his faith. I want to be spiritual, I want to meditate together.

Number two is a charitable heart; he wants to make a difference in the world. I don’t want our life together to be how many cars we owned but how we made a difference in the world, how many people lived because we lived.

Number three would be that he cares about health and fitness. I don’t care if he has a six-pack or huge biceps, but I want someone who can hike with me. I want to be able to kayak and jump off a bridge and I want someone that’s healthy and is able to do that with me.

Number four is someone that’s hilarious, and there is no pressure there because I can find the humor in anything, so someone that is able to let loose and say what he feels because that’s going to make me laugh.

Number five is that he has the desire to travel because I am an avid backpacker; I like to go to a different country every year. I think it gives me gratitude for life and different understanding of people and where they come from. I’ve backpacked four different continents all by myself, and I’ve never done that with someone. Some of the most romantic experiences I’ve had have been at the base of a waterfall in a tent all by myself, and I’d love to do that with someone and have a lovemaking experience, I think that would be so romantic.

Number six is that he dances with me. He doesn’t have to be a good dancer, but I love to go to dive bars and dance to swing or country so I want a partner that can dance with me and not care about what other people think. Which physical attribute are you most proud of?

I think just the fact that I’m all natural, I wouldn’t say it’s a certain attribute. If I want to change something I hit the gym. What is your greatest unfulfilled fantasy?

Like I mentioned before, I was at the bottom of a waterfall. It was just me and a book and a lantern and it was so romantic even all by myself. Being able to have some romantic or sexual experience in a place like that in the middle of a jungle would be a fantasy for sure. What are your goals for 2013?

I just got a manager but I would love to get an agent for acting; I’d love to get into film. Every year I add $5,000 to the goal, so this year my goal for raising money for charity would be $40,000. Visit another country, read a book a month. I’m also writing my own book, so to have my rough draft for that finished.

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