Watch out, gamer guys: a hot Playboy model who loves comics and gaming (and sexy ladies!), Jessi June is the whole package. In your behind-the-scenes video you refer to yourself as “such a geek.” What are your geekiest guilty pleasures?

Does Reddit count anymore or is that too popular these days? I just find myself more and more drawn to things you probably wouldn’t find common amongst Playboy models. I collect Magic Cards, though I don’t play very often due to lack of time. I have a Wii U I travel with till my PS4 comes in! I’ve seen every Marvel movie, love comic conventions…I just love that whole culture and how it’s embraced itself much more recently! Who is your favorite comic book character and why?

Emma Frost is probably my favorite. Beyond being gorgeous, she’s also intelligent and cunning! As for big-name characters, probably the Hulk! Even though he had arguably the smallest role in the Avengers movie, I thought Ruffalo killed it! If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I would go with super intelligence. Flying and super strength and invisibility are cool and all, but all of the supersmart heroes and villains always find ways to beat that stuff, and plus, you could figure out how to do anything when you got the brains for it!

* What do you bring to the world of Playboy that is different than other Playboy models? *

I’m going to go with work ethic. Playboy has been home to some of the most beautiful women to grace this world, so another pretty face is nothing new. I’ve been busting my butt since day one when I began chasing this dream, and I still am. Ten to 12-hour workdays, every day. Hell, I can’t even remember the last non-Christmas holiday I didn’t have a shoot! Are you currently working or in school?

Actually, I already have one degree, since I graduated high school early and did my first two years of college, but since then I’ve been modeling full time for a few years and solely focused on that! I travel the country 24/7/365, working with different companies and photographers in each area. I’ve been to a ton of places! If you could have dinner with any five people, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

Stan Lee, Hef, Howard Schultz and Steve Jobs would be my first four choices. All have built empires from nothing, and I would love to sit there and pick their brains on how they did it, experiences, what worked, what didn’t, etc. As for number five, I would want to pick someone who’s had a huge impact on the world in general, like Jesus or Galileo or Buddha, someone that could answer questions about things and settle disputes. What is currently on your night table?

My iPhone, charging cord, bottle of water and hotel phone. I’m on the road. What makes you feel sexiest?

“Check out Jessi June’s new set on Playboy” on the homepage of I’m sure I should say lingerie or being naked or whatever, but nothing feels sexier than knowing a site that helped define sexiness is promoting your pictures to its fans. Tell us your greatest unfulfilled fantasy.

Just having a room full of gorgeous naked women to myself for the taking. Sorry, guys, I’m bi, but there’s just something sexy about a bunch of gorgeous women going at it! What are your biggest turn-ons?

With a man, I like being manhandled. Throw me around, wrestle with me, get physical! Wrestling and playing just always gets me going. With a woman, it would be sensuality. There’s just so much more sexiness with a woman, so soft touch and licking and stuff. Two different worlds. What drives you wild in a man?

Intelligence and humor. Like I said, I’m bisexual, and sorry, but even the best-looking man will never look as good to me as a sexy woman. So I don’t really judge men on looks because they just don’t come off as sexy to me. But having a good brain and a good heart and being able to make me laugh is definitely what gets me interested. And in a woman?

[Laughs] I’m so much more superficial here. I love a gorgeous face and a slim but curvy build. Exotic eyes, B to C cups, nice tummy, not ripped but not chunky, a nice butt. Here’s an example: I was at Glamourcon and I was walking out of the bathroom and Jaclyn Swedberg walked in. I had to stop her and tell her how gorgeous she was. She’s a great example of a woman who gets me going! So fine!

{“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“7435”} How did you become involved with the Playboy brand?

When I was 18 I was actually the campus representative for Playboy, so I did a bunch of marketing around campus and whatnot, and then I was up for Playboy’s coed competition but came in second. I’ve also done things here and there with the brand, but my first photo shoots happened this January with Holly Randall, and I couldn’t think of someone better to shoot with! It was a blast! In your recent shoot you pose on a motorcycle. Can you actually drive a motorcycle? What is your favorite make and model?

I wish! I’m not too coordinated, so I stay away from riding motorcycles, because with my luck I’d have a klutz moment while on one and rip a limb off or something. But after that shoot, that Ducati was a sexy bike, so I would say either Ducati or [Suzuki] Hayabusa. I think those are sexy. Do you have any secret talents?

I’m an amazing baker. I’m getting better at cooking, but ever since I was little, my family loved baking, and I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember, so I can bake up a storm! Do you have any messages for your fans?Yeah, hopefully you guys have liked the sets here and we can keep them coming! Lord knows when I shared it to my 2.5 million followers on G+, they all loved it, but hopefully the Playboy fans do too! I definitely loved shooting it!

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