The last year was a great one for this girl from Toronto, Canada. Khloë Terae became a Playmate internationally seven times in 2013—in Mexico, Greece, South Africa, Croatia, Venezuela, Romania and Slovakia—as well as snagging the job of yoga instructor on Playboy TV’s sexy show Hot Yoga. Even though it’s still only January, she’s already staked her claim to the coveted title of Cybergirl of the Month. Read on to find out more about this staggeringly hot blonde babe. How did you get started posing for

Khloë: I got started posing for after I had already been featured as a Playmate internationally four times! I test shot with Sam Rhima back in March 2013 and finally had my first shoot in August! I was a Playmate seven times in 2013 and have started the New Year off right as your January 2014 Cybergirl of the Month! What unique things do you bring to

Khloë: The many talents I learned at gymnastics and circus school are something new and interesting. Also my dedication to the brand and my hard work ethic show that anything is possible if you never give up! Which physical feature do you most often get complimented on?

Khloë: Either my eyes or my extremely long legs! Do you have a favorite behind-the-scenes story from a photo shoot?

Khloë: My favorite behind-the-scenes story would actually be from before a photo shoot. It’s the story of how I first became a Playmate! I got invited to the 10-year anniversary party of Playboy Mexico back in 2012 and I was backstage where I saw an enormous, beautiful cake much bigger than me! I stayed backstage as their Playmate of the Year climbed into the cake and I just watched in awe! This cake was so beautiful and decorated with a huge Bunny and a big 10! Unfortunately (for her), the current Playmate felt claustrophobic inside of the cake and decided she did not want to follow through with being carried outside into the party and jumping out when the clock struck 12! As they tried to figure out who would go in, I simply offered myself and they were happy to have me as their replacement! Long story short, this is one of the most memorable moments of my life and it came by utter fluke! I got carried out into the party (inside of the cake) and as soon as I jumped out the crowd cheered! For the first time in my modelling career all eyes were on me! Silly me didn’t wear any underwear that night, and a photographer for Playboy Mexico caught a photo of me flashing the crowd as I climbed out of the cake! The following day I received an email from an editor of the magazine with the photo attached saying I I was going to become a Playmate—I must have left a good impression on the party! And within four days I shot my first ever centerfold to become Playboy Mexico’s Miss February 2013! Aside from modeling, what are you focusing on these days?

Khloë: I focus 100 percent of my time on my career, but I plan on coming out with my own line of swimwear very soon!

{“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“9219”} On an average Saturday night, what are you doing?

Khloë: I’m either out for fun to hit the club scene with my girlfriends or getting a good night’s sleep for a shoot the following day! What’s your idea of the perfect date?

Khloë: A candlelit dinner with the most amazing food I’ve ever tasted. The way into this girl’s heart is through amazing food, and of course amazing company!

* *When do you feel sexiest?

Khloë: I feel the sexiest when I shoot nude for Playboy! There is nothing like being all glammed up and having all the attention on you for your important shoot. I feel sexiest when I’m posing nude just for all of you! What’s one thing you think all men should know?

Khloë: All men should know that women do not want a man that is too eager or too cocky! What qualities drive you wild in a man?

Khloë: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have a thing for the aggressive type! How do we win your heart?

Khloë: The secret tip to win my heart is flowers! I love flowers! What’s the best date you’ve ever been on?

Khloë: The best date I’ve ever been on was at a beautiful resort in Cancun called The Banyan Tree! We had the most amazing dinner, followed by the best massages of our life and a nice midnight swim! If you could go on a date with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?

Khloë: If I could go on a date with anyone at all, it would have to be a younger Leonardo DiCaprio! What would your fans be surprised to know about you?Khloë: I am a huge bookworm and I love to read! I am also obsessed with Harry Potter! My good friend Playmate Audrey Allen is also a HUGE Harry Potter nerd along with me! Any messages for your fans?Khloë: Thank you for all the support from all my fans. I love you all so much.

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