*Playboy.com: What inspired you to become a model on Playboy.com? *

It’s so funny; I’m a lot older than people may think. I’m actually 30. A few years ago I got out of a very long relationship. I’m a professional and I wanted to challenge myself and do something I never pictured myself doing, and modeling was pretty much that. I was intimidated by it and didn’t think I’d be able to model, but one day I submitted my photos to Playboy and they got back to me. It was actually for a show called Badass. Initially, I did a few Badass episodes and I was approached to do an Amateur piece. I was excited because it’s what I ultimately wanted. I’m thrilled about it!

Playboy.com: What was your craziest adventure on Badass?

We did a demolition derby in the Midwest last summer. It was insane! Living in California the first thing you want to do is drive your car into the car in front of you because you’re frustrated in traffic. I got a chance to get dirty and crash into cars; it was intense! The girls were beautiful and we got to get our sexy on with each other, it was way fun. We were naked the whole time doing these extreme sports.

Playboy.com: Are you a badass in your everyday life?

I definitely have that edge and that wouldn’t come out in Kitty Lee if I didn’t have that personality in real life. Obviously I’m not going to be crashing into people and making out with girls all day in my office. In the day I’m that nerd with the glasses staring at my computer monitor, and at night Kitty Lee shows up and I’m completely different. It’s my alter ego.

Playboy.com: What do you bring to Playboy that other women don’t?

First of all, I think being Asian is pretty unique for Playboy. You don’t see a whole lot of us within the Playboy family, so that’s another reason I was geared more towards going into Playboy as opposed to commercials or a more safe approach to the entertainment business. I wanted to voice through my physical appearance that we’re not boring or “stereotypical Asian.” We are fun and beautiful in our own way. So I guess that alone separates me from a lot of other people, just the fact that in the Playboy industry Asians are the minority. We put a little spice in there.

Playboy.com: What qualities do you find sexiest in a man?

If you were to ask me that 10 years ago I would have said his eyes and his lips and his body. Now it’s his intelligence, his humor, consistency, someone that’s driven and ambitious…of course, I like tall, dark and handsome, but if that doesn’t fall into my lap I’m okay with that.

Playboy.com: What qualities do you find sexiest in a woman?

A woman that’s strong, driven and intelligent and can carry on a conversation is sexy to me. A woman who takes care of herself and represents herself in a positive way, that owns up to things.

Playboy.com: Has anyone ever recognized you in public?

One of my Badass clips went viral on YouTube last year. Once I was recognized at a Costco and once it was at a bar. The first time, in Costco, it was an older gentleman who screamed out “Kitty Lee” from across the room, and the second time, at a bar, I was with personal friends of mine that didn’t know too much about what I’ve done for Playboy.

Playboy.com: What is your greatest unfulfilled fantasy?

I’m a very sexual girl, and the older you get, the more you’re going to start embracing it. You’re going to start exploring and experiencing new and fun things. I’ve never done a threesome, but maybe I’d be open to it one day.

Playboy.com: Do you have any secret talents you’d like to share with us?

I used to play the piano, go to school for fashion and used to sketch quite a bit. I love painting and sketching and would love to get back into that.

Playboy.com: What was the funniest thing that happened to you on your recent Playboy.com photo shoot?

We were shooting at this mansion and there was a pool man there; I don’t think he knew there was a shoot going on. He was just cleaning the pool while I was sticking my ass out in the air. We had to be a bit discreet because we didn’t want the neighbors to see a naked girl, so we kept ducking.

Playboy.com: What is it like being both a business professional and a Playboy model?

It’s funny. Initially I thought there would be a conflict of interest and I’m really lucky that I work with an amazing group of people and they support me. I was vocal with them when I told them I was going to pursue a career with Playboy. I want to experience what I can experience in this lifetime. With everything that’s going on in this world, if you are going to be given the opportunity to do something, go for it. Working with Playboy was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me and I went for it, no regrets.

Playboy.com: Any advice for aspiring Cyber Girls/Playboy models?

Just keep going; don’t let people bring you down. Be confident in what you’re doing, don’t second-guess yourself and don’t compare yourself to anybody either. You need to embrace the beauty of differences between every girl in Playboy. Meet your potential and set goals, but comparing yourself to another person isn’t going to have a positive outcome. Remember you’re unique and work on every aspect of yourself. Continue education; just because you’re a model doesn’t mean you need to stop education. Going back to what I think sexy about a woman…intelligence! Not only will you have your looks, but also your intelligence to get you to the next level!

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