How old are you?

I’m twenty. Are you a natural redhead?

No, I’m actually a brunette. But it looks real right? Blondes, Brunettes or Redheads and why?

I’d have to go with brunettes because they have more fun. Right now I’m a redhead, but I know brunettes have a LOT of fun, I can guarantee that. What inspired you to become a Cybergirl?

I was actually approached by a scout named Sam. He sent me a link to show me what kind of site it was and to see if I would be interested in modeling for it. To me, the photos on are like art. I don’t see it as anything other than that. All I knew was that I wanted to be a part of the beauty on! What did your friends and family think of you posing for

I don’t announce it to the world, but my family is always supportive of what I’m doing as long as it’s not going to kill me or I’m doing things that are too extreme. I’ve showed my mom what I would be doing, and when I told my family, they all agreed it was beautiful. What are some of your favorite physical attributes about yourself?

My butt! I have a juicy butt and I love it! Breasts - real or fake?

I prefer real breasts because anyone can have fake ones. Are you currently single?

Right now I have no idea. I’m just all over the place! What turns you on in a man?

Confidence, but not too much because once a person goes overboard it becomes unattractive. I like my guys’ tall and with dark features with a good personality. If they can’t make me laugh I can’t be with them. ** **If you could have a date with one person dead or alive who would it be?

Biggie Smalls, he’s like a teddy bear! What do you love to do with your spare time?

I love being outside. I’m actually from Tennessee, but I’m living in Miami right now. I really miss the mountains, it’s kind of sad. I enjoy the water though and love being by the ocean or pool when I’m not working and going to school. What are your goals when it comes to school?

Right now I want to be a physical therapist. Long term I’d like to be a vet, it’s my dream. What is your latest obsession?

I’d like to blow up in the world of Playboy and continue modeling to see where I go from there. If you had one last meal what would it be?

One huge serving of this pasta dish from Cheesecake Factory called pasta Di Vinci. It’s the best! Tell me a bad habit of yours.

I overthink things, I’m a huge over thinker. ** **Three albums you think everyone should own?

Rihanna - Talk that talk, and any Drake album or Kid Cudi album.