Describe yourself in three words.

Athletic, passionate and optimistic. What does your workout routine consist of?

I do a lot of hiking and mountain biking. About nine months ago I got really into running so I try to run every day with my dogs; I’m up to about five miles a day. Are you currently working or in school?

Right now I’m just doing some part-time work as a health educator. I teach classes at a local hospital. I’m forever changing my mind so I’m taking different classes. What does the Playboy brand represent to you?

I think the Playboy brand is a place for beautiful women to be seen and probably the most quality men’s entertainment brand out there. How did you end up posing for

I submitted some photos that I had taken with a photographer friend of mine and I found out there was a casting call a week later. I couldn’t wait to hear back about the photos so I went down to the Orange County casting call too and was contacted about a month later. Was it the first time you posed nude?

I had done two nude shoots, just for boyfriends of mine, with professional photographers. One of the photographers told me she thought I could get into modeling so we did another photo shoot to send in to What makes you feel sexiest?

Most of the time I’m just doing outdoors stuff, so I would say I feel sexiest when I’m dressed up, wearing heels and have my hair done. What is your favorite piece of lingerie?

I keep it really simple. I don’t like to get too done up, so a tiny little tan top and some lacy panties. What do you bring to that other women don’t?

I’d have to say that I’m very natural. Not just my breasts; my hair color and skin tone. I’m also very much the girl next door; I go to my house and do my usual routine after the Playboy shoot, so I’m very much an all-natural American girl. Tell us the most successful way for a man to pick you up.

Probably a compliment. That’s always really nice, when a guy comes up to you and doesn’t start talking about himself and gives you a compliment and looks you right in the eye.

* What is the most terrible pick-up line a guy has used on you? *

At one point I turned down a guy and he told me that I’d be the one missing out, not him. If there’s any way you actually want to give in, that’s not the way to go about it.

* What is the best way to win you over? *

Make me laugh, I love to laugh, and show me that you are passionate about something. It doesn’t matter what it is, it is just nice to see when people are ambitious and passionate about something in their lives. ** Tell us about the best date you’ve ever been on?** When I was in Hawaii I was taken scuba diving, then we walked down the beach and had shaved ice right after. It was probably the best date ever. ** Name three albums you think everyone should own.** Queen, Metallica and The Beatles. ** Do you have a favorite car?** I love trucks, so anything that’s old. My dream is to get an old Bronco and fix it all up. ** What are you currently reading?** Fifty Shades of Grey. ** Name one style tip more men should take?** A lot of guys are going with the whole smooth look; everything is shaved. I like a guy with lots of hair that looks super scruffy. ** Any messages for your fans?** My photos went up just a little while ago and I’ve gotten nothing but really wonderful and sweet comments, and I just want to say thank you for that.