A short and sweet interview with short, sweet and sexy Cybergirl Mariela Henderson.

Playboy.com: You’re 5’2”. What is the best thing about being tiny?

Climbing up big, tall men. Since I’m small people think that I’m younger than I am, it gives me a youthful appearance, so that’s nice.

Playboy.com: Describe yourself in three words.

Cute, because I’m cute and short and sweet; smart, because I actually am intelligent despite what people think about models, especially nude models; and funny, because I have a sense of humor and like to have fun with life.

Playboy.com: Tell us your sexiest story from on set.

I like shooting with girls and I’ve done some girl/girl shoots, unfortunately not for Playboy yet, but that is a goal of mine. I shot with a few girls and one of my favorites is my friend Jessica Vaugn; she is also a Playboy model. We have some really sexy fun times together. You should check her out, she’s really awesome.

Playboy.com: How long have you been involved with the Playboy brand?

My whole modeling career. My first shoot was with Playboy and it was in late 2007. I was in college, so they came there for a casting call and I tried out. I found out about it too late so I wasn’t able to [sign up], but one of my friends was going and asked if she could bring me and they said yes, so I ran out of class and went over there. They ended up picking me for that; unfortunately they didn’t pick her. At first she was kind of mad but she wanted to become a teacher so she decided that’s what she wanted to do anyway. It was for “Girls of the Big 10” and it ended up in the magazine in 2008. That was my first shoot ever. I started modeling on my own after that because I liked it and I’ve shot with Playboy multiple times since then.

Playboy.com: What drew you to glamor modeling?

I’ve wanted to be a model or actress since I was a young girl and I was thinking more of the runway models of the ’90s, Naomi and Cindy and Nikki, but unfortunately when I grew older I didn’t grow any taller so I wrote it off and pursued my college degree. I didn’t think I would be picked at the Playboy casting but I was hopeful. I like my body and I like showing it off. I’m very comfortable in my own skin; why not let other people see too?

Playboy.com: What drives you wild in a man?

I like tall, dark and handsome. I know it’s cliché but I do like a strong, muscular football player–type body. I also like someone with intelligence, a sense of humor because I like to make jokes and not take life too seriously. A person that has goals, ambitions and drive if they’re not already where they want to be in life. Someone that is family oriented and likes dogs, also likes sports because I love sports. I like to watch football; my favorite team is the Chicago Bears. Someone that doesn’t mind if I walk around naked, I don’t know who would but you never know, and lastly a person that likes sex as much as me.

Playboy.com: Do you have a favorite piece of lingerie?

Personally I like to be naked, but if I have to wear lingerie my favorite color is red so I feel sexiest in something that is red and lacy. I love thongs because I have a cute little butt and thongs always shape it and show it off. Maybe a red sheer bra that makes me have cleavage because I don’t really have boobs; anything that creates cleavage can help for sure.

Playboy.com: Name something you’ve always wanted to try in the bedroom but haven’t.

That’s a good question because I’ve fulfilled most of mine. Maybe sex in more exotic locations, because I haven’t really traveled much, but in terms of basic fantasies I’ve pretty much fulfilled them all.

Playboy.com: Give us some advice you think all men should take.

Not to get too jealous. If I do end up dating someone or I’m in a relationship with someone, this is my career. I can’t have someone that’s really jealous because I’m not going to hook up with photographers I’m going to shoot ,despite what the content may be. I would just say do not get too jealous over little things and not to take life too seriously, just go with the flow.


Playboy.com: Do you have any secret talents?

I showed horses for 10 years so I know how to ride, that’s an incredible talent. Besides that I’m good at being naked and making gluten-free cookies.

Playboy.com: Where can we find you in the coming months?

I want to do more TV and be a TV host at some capacity where the nude modeling isn’t detrimental and I can use Playboy to my advantage, such as a men’s show or sports or entertainment. My original career choice was a news anchor, but that was before I started posing for Playboy. TV hosting is my long-term goal. In the coming months my goal is to do a lot of shoots so I can save up to move to L.A. I’m trying to do that for the end of the year.

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