Red-hot Cybergirl Molly Shaw answered all our questions. Find out her secret talents, sexiest fantasies and more! * Which part of your body are you most fond of? *

I really, really love my butt; everyone loves it and I love it and it’s fabulous. I actually really have grown super fond of my boobs recently; I don’t know why, I just like them a lot more than I ever have. Where can we find you when you’re not modeling for

I model outside of; I do print and high fashion. I’m usually dancing or at the beach. I also like sailing, that’s fun. I was raised in a dance studio so I’ve been taking classes my whole life. Whenever I have off time I take lots and lots of classes and I teach lots and lots of classes. My favorite style is jazz, modern and contemporary.

* Any tips for men out there who want to dance with a girl but don’t think they have the moves? *

The best thing to do, all of the dancer guys I dated I ended up liking in the first place because they weren’t trying to dance and making an effort. Name one skill all men should have mastered.

They should be able to go down on their lady.

* And women? *

A woman should be able to seduce a guy while keeping all of her clothes on. Are you a natural redhead?

I am. Not this color, though; I’m naturally more of a strawberry blonde. What are the perks of being a redhead?

It fits my personality; I’m fiery so my fiery hair matches that. I do get more attention because of it because there aren’t many people that are redheads. I like how unique it is. What else is unique about you?

I love cats; I’m a crazy cat lady. I love taking care of kids, I love children and adventures! If you say we’re going to go do something really fun and out there I’m all for it!

I’m all over the place with men, and the reason why is because I don’t have a type and pay more attention to personality. You can look one way, but the personality to me is really what’s most important. I love reading books; I’m a total nerd. I love Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, I have a Harry Potter tattoo. It’s really important to me for other people to share these interests. Tell us about your Harry Potter tattoo!

It’s the Deathly Hallows symbol. Harry Potter has been a huge part of the past 15 years and it has been a huge part of my life and is really important to me. There’s nothing Harry Potter can’t fix. If you’re having a bad day you can go and read the book or watch the movie and you feel better. Being raised with the books, I was 17 and that was the first tattoo I wanted because it meant a lot to me.

{“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“1692”} Name three books you think everyone should read.

I can go through about a book a day if I have the time. My favorite books to read are High Fidelity by Nick Hornsby and I also really like Outlander by Diana Gabaldon—it’s an amazing book, it’s absolutely fabulous—and Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. Do you have any secret talents?

I’m super flexible; I can put my legs behind my head. I can also drive a stick shift. I have a Mazda Miata convertible, it’s a little machine. When do you feel sexiest?

I feel sexiest when I’m dancing, definitely, and when I’m singing. I feel sexiest when people are watching me, when I have attention and when I’m doing something I love. What is your greatest unfulfilled fantasy?

I would love to have a lover that is sort of like Christian Grey, someone that would tie me up with their tie, for example. What is your greatest achievement in life?

It would be a tie between my modeling and my dancing career. My modeling career has totally taken off and I am so proud of everything that I have accomplished, but also my dancing career. I have been dancing since I was two years old, almost 19 years, and that is something that will be a part of me forever and I’m just so proud of how far I’ve gotten with that. What is the sexiest song to get down to?

“My Chick Bad” by Ludacris. What are your goals for the coming months?

My goals for the summer are to continue modeling and to maybe get a tan, work towards becoming a Playmate. I’d like to go out of the country this year. I’ve been all over Europe. I’d really love to go to Europe again, I’ve been craving to go to Paris, and it’s wonderful in the summer.

* What are your top three favorite places to travel? *

Number one would be Lake Tahoe, and I know it’s not far but it’s my most favorite place in the world, it’s so beautiful and magical. Number two would definitely be Berlin; there’s so much history there and I’m a huge history buff, that city and those people are so amazing. My third favorite place is Paris…the city of love. Any messages to your fans?

That they’re awesome and that I appreciate that they exist!

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