If there is one way into Morgan Reese’s heart, it’s through food. The stunning July 2011 Cyber Girl of the Month took time out of her hectic schedule to let us in on what she looks for in a man and what she would bring to a deserted island. We’ll give you a hint, learn to cook.

Playboy: What inspired you to become a Cyber Girl?

I was on a trip to Texas with a photographer friend I had known for a while. He’s done a lot of work with you guys and he showed me all the women he photographed for you. Spur of the moment I shot with him and before I knew it he called me and told me I got Cyber Girl of the week.

Playboy: What qualities do you bring to Playboy that other women may not?

I think that I’m really down to earth, not high maintenance. I can be a girly girl when I want to be, but I’m just your average girl.

*Playboy: What are three words that describe you best? *

Unpredictable, goofy and sweet.

Playboy: Are you currently single?

Yes I’m currently single and I like it that way! It’s a lot of fun, you can just do your own thing and not check in with anyone.

Playboy: What qualities do you find sexiest in a man?

I would say I really like ruggedness, facial hair and guys that don’t care about appearance. Someone that’s really care free.

Playboy: What qualities do you find sexiest in a woman?

Confidence, someone that doesn’t take themselves too seriously and I always say if I was a guy I’d be a butt guy…so I’d have to say butt.

Playboy: **If you were stranded on a deserted island what three things would you take?**

My Ipod because I can’t live without music, lots of food because I love to eat and probably some alcohol, so I’m not lonely. I can have some fun with myself.

Playboy: How do we find our way into your heart?

I would have to say someone that’s really genuine because that’s how I am…someone that can make me laugh and a guy that can make me something to eat once in a while because I’m always the one cooking.

Playboy: What turns you on?

I love to be teased and kissed, so if he does that and goes slow that’s what really gets me going. Sex on a boat would be fun!

Playboy: **Something you don’t want to hear anything else about in 2012**


Playboy: Name one vice/bad habit you have that most people don’t know about you?

I’m OCD about cleanliness. I wash my hands like 20 times a day.

Playboy: What is the most important thing you have learned in 2011?

The most valuable thing I learned in 2011 is the importance of family, also that I need to learn to save more money

Playboy: What are your goals for 2012?

I’m hoping to get Cyber Girl of the year and would like to take my modeling further and I need to work out more.

Playboy: Do you have any messages for your fans?

I just want to tell my fans that I appreciate them checking me out and all the compliments I get in the Cyber Club and everyone that tuned in for the interviews. I hope they all vote for me for because I love working for Playboy!

Playboy: Any advice for aspiring Cyber Girls?

I would say get together with any good local photographers…it’s a lot of fun…I never would have thought I’d have gotten to do it and I think a lot of girls probably think the same thing. Submit your photos and see what happens!

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