What is your first memory of Playboy?

Probably seeing the cover with Marilyn Monroe. I saw one of the older issues in a book I had that was showcasing pinups and the history of pinups. I was fairly young, 13 or 14, and thought pinups were great; that was my introduction to Playboy. How did you become involved in burlesque and alt/fetish modeling?

I came across a fetish image, an illustration by John Willie. He is one of the people who really mastered the art of classic fetishism and that stuck with me. I knew that by the time I was of age I would pursue it as soon as I could. In terms of burlesque, when I started I didn’t know it was burlesque. I was starting to shoot photo sets and this gentleman emailed me and asked me if I would perform at his friend’s birthday party and that he was a big fan of mine and that it would be great if I could go onstage and do something. I told him I was an ex-gymnast and the only thing I can do is take off my clothes and do the splits, and he said that’s great, you can do that! So I did it. A few shows later someone introduced me to striptease, which at that point I didn’t know existed. I just thought stripping was girls going up on brass poles, but it turns out there’s a whole history of burlesque starting from the late 1800s and going into the golden era, which is the ’20s, ’30s and ’40s. That’s how I started. What could one expect to see at one of your burlesque performances?

I have a variety of different shows, so I guess it depends on what event you’re going to. If you were going to a corporate event for a liquor brand, for example, I usually bring out my more lavish shows. I have one show where I go from magician to bunny: I have this large four-foot-high top hat that is motorized and spins on wheels and I pop out of that. I have another show with white ostrich feathers that have lighting effects custom embedded in them. I get very involved in stage setup and design; it takes me years to put together shows. What is your favorite fetish?

I would have to say my first love was rubber, my second love was corsets, my third love was heels. My ultimate one would be stockings, though; that’s what started me on everything. I found a pair at a thrift store when I was 14 and never looked back. What is the strangest fetish you’ve been asked to model?

There’s a balloon-popping fetish, so I was recently asked to go and sit on some giant balloons and laugh and pop them; I was literally asked a few days ago to do that. What is your everyday look like?

I feel there is no time to waste on the outfits. Everybody should dress according to what makes them feel great, and what makes me feel great is a lot of vintage attire. I love putting vintage pieces on; a lot of things that are hand finished or completely handmade have haute couture value where it’s all custom made and fabrics that are very lavish. You can buy a piece like that for $20 if you know where to look, so I love wearing these bargains that look high end. You feel special because you’re probably the only person left in the world with this piece. Are there any vintage Playmates you’ve drawn inspiration from?

Bettie Page without a doubt influenced everybody, whether or not you’re a vintage enthusiast or glamour model. There are lot of different types of famous actresses like Greta Garbo and Jean Harlow, certain women that really let the camera capture a certain mystic, the essence of a woman, and Bettie Page is one of them. She definitely changed things around her. I’ve never looked to her for inspiration or studied her images to try to copy her, but there is no doubt that anyone that models glamour hasn’t been influenced by her. What makes you feel sexiest?

When I’m allowed to do what I want to do and can dress the way I want to dress and look the way I want to look. How could a man (or a woman, for that matter) win your heart?

With a drive, a passion for life or for whatever they do. It doesn’t matter what they necessarily look like, it’s about what makes them magnetic and have this kind of personality and their knowledge, what they do best and what they love. That’s the kind of people I’m attracted to. I love that in women and in men. I love to surround myself with those kinds of people.

{“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“6647”} Your modeling career is quite focused on fetishism…does this translate into the bedroom?

Yes, I am a fetishist before I became a fetish model. I have incorporated my latex and fetish attire into the private areas of my life. I certainly wear it every day on top of stockings. There is definitely some dominant stuff going on. As a fetish/alt model, what do you perceive to be the biggest misconception about you?

That I’m not an alt model. There are many out there who seem to think that being an alt model is all about having tattoos or piercings or having rainbow locks. It’s not about that at all. It’s about being the girl they call on when nobody else can do the job. You are unique and have an identity and persona all your own. That’s what a true alt girl is. Any advice to newbies who want to try out latex or rubber?

Try it out, and have a partner there with you. It might make it more fun. Do you have any advice for aspiring Playboy models?

Be you! That’s the secret to standing out and feeling beautiful at a shoot. Everyone is unique; being comfortable in your own skin, your own style, that kind of confidence really shines in front of the camera. For more of Mosh, like her on Facebook.