How old are you?

I’m 19; I’ll be 20 next month. I started shooting for Playboy right after my 18th birthday. What is your perfect breakfast in bed?

I really really like French toast, so it would probably be French toast and strawberries. What is your favorite piece of lingerie?

Thigh highs that connect to garter belts, because they’re super sexy and super fun to take off.**** Tell us about the best and worst date you’ve been on?

We went on a boat to Catalina. It was so cute, it was his boat and we had dinner on it. It was definitely my best date I’ve been on. My worst date ever was probably the one where the guy talked about his mom the whole time. It was our first date, too! What are your sexiest features?

My eyes and my lips, but my boobs are definitely my favorite. What traits drive you wild in a man?

A really good personality, a lot of muscles and tattoos. What do you do when you’re not posing for Playboy?

I’m an artist. I like painting and sketching; anything artistic, I’m really good at. What I love about creating art is that it lets me express myself. How else do you express yourself?

Probably through my hair; I change my hair a lot. Blonds, brunettes or redheads?

Blonds, because I just dyed my hair blonde and it looks really cute. Any interesting celebrity encounters recently?

My life has definitely changed since I’ve started shooting for Playboy. I’ve met a lot of people who are now my friends that I thought I’d never meet. I was at Ryan Sheckler’s house the other day for a party! What sets you apart from other Cyber Girls?

I bring a lot of variety to Playboy. There aren’t many black women that pose for Playboy so I’m happy to be one of them. There’s nothing too special about me: my eyes are brown, not an amazing blue or green, my skin’s tanned and I have regular-colored hair, so my personality really shows through in my pictures. What is the best flirting tip you have for men?

If you have a cute smile you should definitely be smiling when talking to a woman.

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