Why did you want to pose for

I have always thought that the women on Playboy were absolutely gorgeous. I think it’s an honor; some of the most beautiful women in the world and celebrities have posed for Playboy, so to be a part of it is huge. What do you bring to Playboy that is special? **


I’m from Calgary, and I think Canadian girls are really down to earth. We’re the kind of girls that like to wear sweatpants and a baseball cap and drink cheap beer, go camping in the woods and shoot guns. So I think I’ve got more of an outdoorsy, wild mentality. In your behind-the-scenes video you’re singing; can you actually sing?

My mother was a professional singer and actually used to open for Aretha Franklin. By the time I was four years old I was on the road touring with her. I didn’t know my father—it was just her and I. I’ve been to 23 schools over the United States and Canada. She passed away when I was 16 so I decided to carry the music on. This led me into meetings with a lot of major record labels. I’ve worked with a lot of amazing producers and the most talented people in the industry—I’m really lucky. Who’s the biggest or best name you’ve worked with in the music industry?

Oh wow, there have been so many, but I’d have to say the one woman who impacted me the most would be a producer named Sylvia Massy. She’s got a studio out in north California—bands fly from all over the world to work with her. She’s worked with Prince, Aerosmith, Paula Abdul and is one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met. What has been your strangest celebrity encounter?

I had just gotten back to L.A.; I was standing outside and waiting for my boyfriend at the time to pull up his car. I’m very impatient so I started pacing back and forth and my boyfriend could see this big black SUV. When I walked over to my boyfriend he was like, “Do you have any idea who was just checking you out?” I was like, “No!” and it had been Mike Tyson. What are your biggest turn-ons?

I like men that are confident risk-takers; I need a strong man. I think confidence is the sexiest quality in a man or a woman. What is your favorite piece of lingerie?

Men’s boxers, ’cause I’m Canadian and don’t like to fuss. What is your greatest fear?

To be restrained and feel like I’m trapped.

* What is your biggest vice? *

Being impatient! Describe your greatest unfulfilled fantasy.

I think to have somebody like a boyfriend sitting in a room dictating the scenario. If there was another girl or guy in the room, having him dictate what he wants them to do to me. What are you especially good at doing?

I know how to read a person, that’s a talent. I’m really intuitive; I can meet you and tell you a bit about your life story without knowing you. I’m really good at reading energy and have a very strong intuition.

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