We caught up with Priscilla Caripan to find out what she’s been up to since her September, 2011 Cyber Club pictorial. The 5’3” bombshell let us in on what her fans would be surprised to learn, her biggest vice and the one man who turned her down.

Playboy: How do you like being a playboy model?

What I like about being a playboy model is association with the brand name, of course! Playboy has a great history and there is something prestigious about the girls they pick. It’s a lot of fun to tell someone you’ve posed for Playboy because of all of the questions they ask you. The experience is amazing because you get to do all sorts of events and interviews (like this one)!

*Playboy: What type of man do you like? *

I like a manly man. A guy that is great with family, good with his hands and into playing sports. Just being active in general. Oh, and someone that loves to watch funny movies!

*Playboy: What’s your worst date story? *

This isn’t the worst one but one it made me look totally ditzy. Me and my date went bowling and were having a great time having a few drinks when all of a sudden my ball got stuck in the alley. Well, what did I think to do? Go on the slippery side of the bowling alley and fall right on my ass, of course. I turn around and all I see is my date laughing at me and I couldn’t help but laugh as well, but it was less awkward than crying! We even had a second date!

Playboy: On the flip side, what trait or characteristic do you dislike in a guy?

A guy that acts rude, arrogant and someone that doesn’t know how to have fun.

Playboy: What is one thing from Toronto that you would bring to the US?

Since Canada is known to be very multicultural I’d bring both the Canadian and the Chilean sides of me. I think that’s really important to embrace all cultures in a person, so I’d definitely bring my Latin roots.

Playboy: What is something your fans would be surprised to learn about you?

I’m a horrible singer but in my head I think I’m the best. I can be very goofy and often am. I’m not at all snobby!

*Playboy: Any unfulfilled fantasies? *

Probably having a really romantic day and then the fantasy part of things would take part later at night on a beach…really spontaneous and romantic lovemaking.

Playboy: Describe yourself in three words.

Fun, outgoing and happy.

*Playboy: What is your one vice or bad habit? *

I eat chocolate quite a bit, in the morning and in the night as a snack…that’s probably the worst one. It can get pretty bad sometimes!

Playboy: What are you focusing on now?

I am going to school for Broadcast Journalism, it’s a tougher challenge than I thought. What I really like about it is covering stories of serious matters…bringing more attention to the people and the stories that should be in the headlines.

*Playboy: Have you ever been turned down by a guy and if so how badly did you want to show him your Cyber Club pictorial? *

Yes, I have been turned down. I was younger and he was really smart and I guess I wasn’t ‘up to his league’ in academics. When I became a Playboy Cyber girl I wanted to show him so badly and post it all over Facebook and be like, ‘look at me now!’ while that Chris Brown song is playing in the background. I actually thought about stuff like that when my Playboy Pictorial came out.

Playboy: What are your future goals for modeling? Where do you want to take it from here?

I mentioned to The Smoking Jacket recently that I want to be known internationally and really hit the South American and American market. I want to do more with Playboy in general as my experience with your staff and photographers has been really great.

Playboy: Is there anything else you’d like to add or any messages to your fans?

Don’t ever be nervous to talk to or message me because I’m not going to shut you down! I never turn fans away. It may take a bit for me to respond via Twitter but it’s only because it’s new. Any models that need advice or fans wanting to say hi should go for it. I’m not an intimidating person.

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