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Facetime with Rebecca Carter

Facetime with Rebecca Carter:

**We can all agree on one thing, Cybergirl of the month November 2012 Rebecca Carter may be a small town girl, but she has big city dreams. The native Georgian sat down with us to talk about modelling, studying and attracting clowns. * Where were you born and raised?* I’m originally from Georgia, and I’m currently living in North Carolina. What appealed to you about modeling for I’ve wanted to model for Playboy since I was 13. You always hear about all the gorgeous women in Playboy, and I wanted to be one of those girls. If you have a nice body and you work hard to keep it and you have the confidence, I think it’s something you should show off, not something you should be ashamed of. Playboy is pretty girls with nice bodies; the brand has been around for so long and is really respected. Tell us about your hottest photo shoot. My favorite shoot so far was probably the Halloween one with the black swan and the white swan. It was a lot of fun working with Cybergirl Leanna Decker. I’m a huge fan of Drake, so we’d play Drake during our shoot and shake our booties. What do you bring to our site that is unique? I think that I have an extremely innocent look about me, so whenever people look at the pictures I have an advantage because I have a young and innocent look about me but I’m not. It’s kind of intriguing. {“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“1827”} Where can we find you when you’re not modeling? I’m a student, so I’m constantly on my couch studying, and when I’m not studying for a test I like to go out and have drinks with my girls. I’m in school for psychology and want to study child psychology. I’m getting my minor in child development and family relations. Are you scared of anything? I’m terrified of clowns. Anytime I go into a haunted house, there is always a clown and it always finds me. I don’t know if they can smell the fear off me. Last Halloween I was in a haunted house and there was a clown and I didn’t realize I was wearing my white North Face so I was glowing. I ended up getting chased through the maze, fell down and started crying in the fetal position until my friend came and got me. [laughs] What makes you feel sexiest? I love walking around in my yoga shorts and sports bra. I like to wear very minimal makeup, too. I love my ass, my boobs and my feet. How does a man win you over? They have to have a good personality and be funny. If a man cannot make me laugh I don’t want anything to do with him. My idea of a perfect date would be where he takes me somewhere secluded. A rooftop, candlelit like in the movies. I think that would be the perfect date. Do you have any messages for your fans? Thank you for supporting me and encouraging me. I get so many nice messages on Facebook; you’re awesome. Check out Rebecca’s FB Fan Page and follow her on Twitter @rebecca_carter2

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