Pinup model Rivi Madison is a brunette bombshell. There’s not much more to say. What is your greatest unfulfilled fantasy?

Sexual fantasy? Oh, you saucy thing, you. It’s odd, but, for the man to never get undressed. I like men’s attire…a little more than I should. To the point where I would like for once if they didn’t get undressed.

* Do you have a favorite type of lingerie? *

When it comes to lingerie, not only are certain styles key, but who actually designs them is important, at least in my opinion. They’re just such special pieces. I admire Chantal Thomass and Bordelle the most when it comes to lingerie. You have to leave it to the French sometimes. I like to feel like a French doll, from sheer fabrics to velveteen trimming (I love fabric). There’s also a secret boutique I go to in Lomita that is my go-to place for garter belts and bullet bras. But…I also have a weakness for translucent latex with black trimming. Latex is not a fetish of mine, I just feel extremely sleek and somewhat powerful in it. It’s a unique feeling I think every woman should slip into. What does the Playboy brand represent to you?

I have been a fan of Playboy more from the ’70s because in my job I do vintage modeling. I think to me the Playboy brand represents femininity yet being powerful at the same time. I think it engages audiences both female and male. The ’70s is your favorite era; do you draw inspiration from any vintage Playmates?

I do; thanks to photographers I’ve worked with they have made me aware of vintage Playboy. I’m into Audrey Hepburn and vintage fashion, so when I got into erotic modeling I had numerous photographers telling me to check out vintage Playboy because it’s absolutely amazing and beautiful. Glamorous yet raw and natural. I love Jayne Mansfield. What type of modeling do you specialize in?

All types; I’ve been categorized as an abstract model because I don’t just do one genre. I used to be alternative but it was too much of a category for me. I do pinup, erotic, random interesting and in-depth kind of things; it’s all over the place. Tell us about the strangest shoot you’ve ever been involved in.

I think I have two. One was to model with octopus and fish; it actually came out really beautiful, like a little painting. The other was to have gallons of milk splashed on me so it looked like a tidal wave. Did the octopus scare you?

No, it was more the smell that set me off at first, but then I thought “You know what, I’m going to do it!” I had to put fish in my mouth as well; it was really intense, but I was up for it. What is your greatest fear?

Biggest fear, just like everybody else, is being drowned or any type of harm. Personally if it’s not about death, not being able to fulfill every type of goal that I have is a huge fear. Tell us your dream concept for a Playboy shoot?

I think to personify a diamond would be cool, if I looked like a living jewel. How do you express yourself?

I touch on a lot of different types of art, which is why I like to be all over the place with it. I want my art to make people react in any way, I don’t care if it’s positive or negative, as long as it provokes feeling then I did my job. I hate it when people feel lukewarm about my work. I’m also a dancer and I use that in what I do. Can you do the splits?

On the floor I can, but I wish I could do it in the air, I can’t. Are you currently single?

Yes. Do you have a type when it comes to men?

I just like very calm men, unnervingly calm, I like that a lot. And tough; if you can beat someone up I’m happy. I’m also into walks; if you have a nice walk I like that.

*{“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“7088”} What is your idea of the perfect date? *

I just like surprising. It doesn’t have to be a movie date, it doesn’t have to be on the beach—I actually hate the beach. Somewhere I’ve never been before would be cool. What physical features do you get compliments on most often?

My eyelashes and my jawline. How do we win your heart?

That is a very complicated question because that depends who you are. Some people will try and it will never happen. Be open to conversation, no small talk and just be you. What are your goals for the coming months?

I want to travel more—I’m planning to travel to Seattle in November—and bigger projects. I’m always up for bigger projects. A lot of them have been hush-hush; can’t wait to tell you guys. NYC is one of my favorites and Argentina because I have a lot of family there, I want to go back.For more of Rivi, follow her on Twitter @Rivi_Madison, Tumblr or like her on Facebook.