How did you become a Cyber Girl?

I’ve always wanted to do it, but I thought there was an age cutoff and I’ve always been really busy with school and work. One day I decided to fill out an application online after I won a fitness contest. I got an email saying I was in so I guess I’m not too old. I thought the cutoff was 25. How old are you?

I’m 29. What is your perspective on posing for Playboy?

I’ve always wanted to do it. Playboy has always been professional and classy. For instance, you can’t compare Hustler to Playboy; it’s been around for generations. Playboy is in a different category than porn, it’s not the same thing. If you take pride in yourself and want to show the results of working hard and making your body look good, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Are you currently in school?

I graduated culinary school in 2005. Since then I’ve been working in restaurants and now I’m a private chef. I’m back in school now and studying nutrition to become a dietician. I’m adding to my degree; it’s like I’m going back to college, but I want to help people with eating right. When I started competing in fitness shows that’s what really intrigued me, to want to eat healthy. What is the one health tip you think everyone should take?

I think the biggest problem is that working out and eating healthy is something people do for a little while, then stop and go back to their bad habits, when it is actually something they should be doing lifelong. People have an event coming up or something important so they’ll starve themselves or work out like crazy at the gym, but their body goes into shock because of that — it’s not healthy. So the best thing is gradually eating healthy every day. It’s okay to eat in moderation, and it’s okay to have bad days when you eat whatever you want. My cheat day is Sunday. What makes you feel sexiest?

On the day of the shoot, for example, they did my makeup naturally and didn’t put any extensions in my hair. I like the fact that they used a lot of cotton — I felt really natural and sexy and liked the fact that I looked like myself. Was this your first time working with

That was my first Playboy shoot, but I’ve also done fitness shoots. What are your favorite ways to exercise?

I like to run outside, play tennis, anything active that doesn’t feel like you’re doing cardio, like rollerblading or hiking, and I do weights every day. What’s the secret to making exercise part of your lifestyle?

For me it was something I had to make myself do every day. It’s just something you have to get into your head and make part of your routine. A lot of people say “I don’t have time.” You have to make time: it’s only an hour, just get it done first thing and then it’s done for the day. The hardest thing is to just get to the gym. It’s just like going to work; you don’t want to go to work but you have to. How do we win you over romantically?

I like nice, genuine people that don’t try too hard. I meet a lot of people that are really fake, and it’s a big turnoff for me with men and even women. I like a more laid back guy that has a humbleness about them; they appreciate things and they’re also free spirited. I hang out with people that inspire me and that I want to be like. I think it’s important to surround yourself with people that are like you and represent how you want to be. I’m from Washington where it’s laid back. Everyone’s caught up in the hype out in L.A. so it’s nice to meet people that are down to earth out here. What are your favorite physical attributes?

My butt. I’m blessed with a butt. I have one that white girls don’t usually have. What are your goals for 2012?

I like to redo my goals every year, but at the same time I have long-term goals. I want to win another fitness competition because I won one two years ago. I want to win one more this year and get to the pros. Get As in all my classes, try to be less stressed and take more yoga. Not fill my schedule up too much. How does a fitness competition work?

There are three different categories in a competition: bodybuilder, figure and bikini. I do bikini — it’s a softer look. It’s the same level of training, only the diet is different. Figure is bigger and body building is even bigger. They eat a lot more, and a lot more protein. Knowing your body is the science of how your muscles work and contract. I think everyone should do a fitness competition because you learn your own body and anyone can do a fitness show. There are always amateur shows. Do you have any bad habits?

I always leave cupboards open and then I run into them! Working in the restaurant it was a huge joke with me. I think I got it from my mom; she does that too.