How long have you wanted to pose for the Playboy brand?

I’ve actually wanted to be in Playboy for a really long time. Growing up I was a Spice Girls fan, like everyone else, and my favorite Spice Girl was Ginger Spice. When I found out she posed for Playboy I had to find it, me and my mom had to go buy it. My mom and I have always been huge Playboy fans, and I think that ever since I saw that pictorial, I might have been 13, I’ve wanted to be in Playboy. What does your mom think of you being on the site?

She loves it and is my number one fan! She is obsessed with the Girls Next Door and has all their books and DVDs. She wants to make it a life goal to meet Hef. She’s one of those. My dad is a preacher, so it took a really long time [to accept that I posed for], but at this point in my life we’re fine, we just don’t really talk about it. What’s the funniest thing that has happened on set?

I’ve done three shoots for One shoot I did was at this beautiful house, and the people that owned the house weren’t there but they left their pug there, and this pug just wanted to be a star. It would be in every scene and just sit there and stare at you, and every time we’d be filming it would come right in the middle of the video and stare. There were many scenes that needed to be redone, but he was so cute.

* Are you currently working or in school? *

Right now I’m trying to get into a routine. I was in school for so long and got my BA in Psychology. Now I have all this free time, I don’t know what to do with it. I’ve been working out a lot. I’m pretty nerdy; I read and I’m on the computer often.

* Do your classmates know you’re a Cybergirl? *

Some of them do, some of them don’t. The funniest thing that happened to me in school about that is when I was sitting at a computer next to another student in Statistics. We were both on Facebook and I added him on FB and started FB chatting with him, and he was like, “Who is this!?” because my profile picture was a modeling shot and that day I was wearing my glasses and a hoodie and my hair on my head. He had no idea who I was; I had to tell him I was sitting beside him. He was astonished. Since you’re familiar with a woman’s psyche, what’s your best pickup tip for men?

I’m planning on going to grad school for Sex Therapy, too, so this question is really up my alley. I would say the best advice if you’re trying to nab a girl—or a Playboy model—is to not try too hard. Girls can easily tell when a guy is trying too hard. Don’t use corny lines; if you have nothing to say, just say hi. That goes much further with most girls than a cheesy line. Do you have a “type” when it comes to men?

I like grungy chic, Johnny Deppesque-looking guys. I don’t really go for clean-cut guys. I mean, if they have a certain job where they need to be clean-cut, I understand that, but for the most part I like guys that have a grungy style: plaid and facial hair, I like longer hair. Guys that don’t look like they try but still look awesome. What qualities do you find sexiest in a woman?

I’m always the first one to check out her legs. I love legs and wish I was 5’11” and had long stems and be a runway model. I think legs are so sexy. Do you have any vices or bad habits?

I have so many bad habits. I’m a chocolate fiend. I’ll eat two chocolate bars in a single sitting. I’m really bad when it comes to sweets. Do you have any unfulfilled fantasies you can share with us?

I have a weird obsession with Bruce Willis. [laughs] I love Bruce Willis, I don’t know why. Pulp Fiction Bruce Willis is my favorite Bruce Willis. I have a weird fantasy that I’m going to meet him someday soon, hopefully before he gets too old. I have had multiple dreams about it. What do you slip into when you want to feel sexy?

Just lacy, hot panties. I hate bras; I’m not a big fan of bras. If I’m trying to feel sexy I probably won’t be wearing a bra.

* Do you have a message for your fans? *

That I love them and appreciate their support. I read every comment and every e-mail and every message that’s sent to me. I think it’s important when you admire or look up to someone that they acknowledge you. Like Samantha on Facebook.