What was the funniest that that happened during your latest photo shoot?

My first photo shoot was with Josh Ryan, and I was working with a big group of funny people. Josh wanted me to do a video shoot where I was burning leaves with a magnifying glass; he thought it would make a really cool video. He was like, “I have this really great idea, we’ve never done this before,” and I was like, “Okay,” so there I was sitting outside naked, burning leaves. It was funny because when we came back in they totally smashed the idea. Like, this is not going on. What kind of music inspires you during a photo-shoot?

When I was doing my video they had The Black Keys. It was one of the videos where I had to seduce the camera and it was the perfect music. I felt so in my element. Three albums you think everyone should own?

I would definitely say Californication by The Red Hot Chili Peppers; El Camino, the new Black Keys album; and then third would have to be a Britney Spears album. What do you do when you’re not modeling?

I graduated in fashion design. I’m looking into starting my own boutique and then my own fashion line down the road. What is one fashion tip you think all guys should take?

Not to wear their shirts as tightly. The muscle tees should not be in their closet. Guys that are really buff and wear tight shirts are a big turn-off for me. What style do you find sexiest on a man?

I really like a laid-back, effortless look, for example a loose-fitting cotton shirt with board shorts and sandals. That’s what I really like. What is your most striking physical attribute?

My favorite would have to be my eyes; I really love my eyes. How does a guy win you over?

By being himself and not trying too hard; being comfortable in his own skin. What is your greatest unfulfilled fantasy?

I’ve always wanted to make love in the rain in the middle of nowhere. What is your favorite piece of lingerie that you own?

Actually, I have a very favorite piece. I have a baby pink and white lace bra and panties. If you could do a girl-on-girl photo shoot with any Playmate, who would you choose?

Heather Rae Young, for sure. Tell me something your fans wouldn’t know about you.

I really eat unhealthy sometimes. I love deep-fried ice cream and Mexican food. What is your favorite naughty thing to eat?

That would be the deep-fried ice cream. What is your dream car?

The new Acura NSX. It’s sexy and you wouldn’t see a lot of them, so that’s kind of sexy to me. What is one skill you think every woman should have?

I think every woman should know how to cook for her man. I’m kind of old school when it comes to that. I cook and clean. I think every woman should have kitchen skills. What are you really good at making?

I’m good at making everything! I’m a big baker; I make great banana bread. I can make Mexican food, Italian food. I’m really great at making Super Bowl food like pulled-pork sandwiches with coleslaw and mini pizzas. For Super Bowl I go all-out. What is the best first date meal a guy can cook for a girl?

For a first date it definitely wouldn’t be spaghetti because that gets a little messy, and you don’t want stuff in your teeth. I’d say something really light like a salad with chicken. What are your goals for the coming year?

My goals are to spend more time with my family and get my boutique in line. I want to continue modeling.